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Does anyone else have tiny ear holes??? I am not kidding, my ear holes are so small that any internal earphone hurts my ears! Not to mention when you’re doing your run, cranking the tunes and they’re falling out of your tiny ear holes mid way through, which always kills my mojo, my short temper fires up and I end up throwing said earphones in the bush and running away from them in a huffy. (Safe to say I have been through plenty of iPhone earphones)



I recently realised that perhaps wireless earphones might be the answer to my cruddy short temper tantrums and also the best way to keep them in my head, and like a fairy godmother…Yurbuds came to my rescue with the Leap 100 Wireless Earphones, DESIGNED for sport and fitness!

Some specs that might interest you…

They clip in to your ears snug (and are SPECIFICALLY designed for small ears), they hook up to Bluetooth and your playlist, they are durable to handle intense workouts, sweat and water resistant. NO WIRES! And 6 hours of playback and call time. In addition to how great these are I am giving you my latest playlist…

Beach Run Summer Tracks

  • Tiga – Beep Beep Beep
  • Justin Bieber – Sorry (not sorry hahaha)
  • Janet Jackson – BURNITUP
  • Missy Elliot – WTF
  • Twerk – Mr. Vegas
  • Squats – Oh Snap!!
  • Dawin – Dessert
  • The Weekend – Can’t feel my face

By the time you get through your run, sit ups, push ups, cool down and stretch’s you should be ready to get back in your car and drive home! These guys are the perfect stocking filler for the intense fitness go-er in your life!

Grab a pair of LEAP 100 Wireless for Women Earphones HERE.

*sponsored by Yurbuds

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