I really don’t like Yoga…but I keep doing it…WHY?

Well, it’s a love/hate relationship really. And I know a few of you are nodding your head. Welcome to “The girl who can’t yoga”.









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I plan on making this my routine…I take my class on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I try to book in for a yoga session early. It’s always a struggle because I really don’t like yoga. The music doesn’t make me excited, I find it hard to relax and clear my mind, I am always the awkward one with super long legs and absolutely no flexibility. Not to mention the fact that it almost always hurts because I am probably doing it wrong and over stretching or positioned incorrectly. I also have issues with my knee caps so they hurt constantly. And don’t get me started on my skin getting pinched on the mat, overstepping the mat always, or even jumping like an idiot from downward down to standing position. During meditation I fall asleep or I start doing that weird “fall” when I am dosing off, flailing my arms all over the place, and then people think I am a total dweeb. Oh, and for some reason, my nose gets blocked because I am upside down or my head is under stress from weird positions!!!

Anyway I am that girl…I try to look as graceful as possible but in fact I end up looking like a coffee addicted praying mantis with a broken leg. The process is just not my thing, and even though I admit to being a bit of a hippy, I am more of a new age hippy…so the music and incense doesn’t always make me relaxed mostly because I am frustrated with myself on not NAILING a certain move.

With all of that being said though…I continue to do it….why you may ask? A few reasons…

Today for instance, I was so sore from handstand class on Sunday then my class last night, I did a hell of a lot of shoulder and butt/thigh work over the last few days and felt like my body was falling apart. Immediately after my Yoga class, I felt amazing. I legit (even though I only managed 3hrs sleep last night) felt like I was floating on a high and I couldn’t wait to go eat some breakfast, sit in the sun to write this blog post then come to work. Not to mention these benefits that I am noticing…

  • My stress levels dropped immensely, work has been really stressful lately, I am also so busy with my Jungle Body business and the blog that it’s hard not to let it get to you. I feel like I can deal with more things after a Yoga session.
  • I know it’s increasing my flexibility, just the difference from the start to the finish of the class I was able to stretch further, at the time still swearing in my head that I wasn’t good enough though. But, celebrate the little achievements right?
  • It’s helped me focus more today, I procrastinate and get really distracted easily, however my mind has been more on the job today even though I didn’t really sleep!!
  • I have also noticed just how great my balance is, I think it always was quite good but I am sensing improvements. Just a year ago you could scare me and I’d fall over, it’s like my knees just buckle like a giraffe and all of a sudden I am on the floor!!
  • Like I said above, it’s relieved tension on all of my limbs and eased pain, I don’t have as much soreness in my body now which was the main reason for doing it at 6am this morning.
  • It’s helping with my digestive system, I have screwed up insides, let’s be honest, stuff is going on with my internals. Mostly due to stress. I don’t talk about it but Yoga helps with these because it does help to relieve stress. We will see how that goes on energy and internal issues after a while.

So even though I really dislike yoga…I need it in my life, it helps, it really does. There are so many benefits I haven’t even touched on…but the thing is, I want to improve so many things and if just ONE class per week is going to help that, then so be it, put up and do it! Watch this space…

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