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When you can get up at sparrows fart, throw on your swimmers, go for a run, then run INTO the beach (take shoes off – of course), come home, dive into the pool, dry off, clean the house then maybe do an afternoon session down the gym ALL in the same outfit…I’d say that’s a pretty damn good practical outfit! (And a very active Sunday GO ME!)

Lululemon clearly thought about this when designing this 2 piece, fit for yoga, work outs, swimming, water sports – basically everything you can think of. Maybe not going to work or the shops in though…I mean you could but I have warned you, there could be consequences. Like the time I got to work in my slippers and realised only as I sat at my desk and had to go back home to get actual shoes.

This 2 piece really is a massive tick for me, but I strongly suggest going in store to try these pieces on first before you tackle online buying. They run off american sizing so it’s always a little weird asking for a size 2 – but just to be sure, I’d suggest trying something on to figure out your size first. Lululemon are also all about pleasing their customers and have a suggestion board in store at the Enex 100 building where you can suggest how to better a specific product OR just in general.

12 Days of Swimwear Rating (out of 5):

  • Comfort – 3.5 (a little on the tight side but after a few wears will be perfect)
  • Practicability – 5 (No complaints here)
  • Durability – 5

Such a strong quality material, with pockets throughout the pants, Oh and did I mention they are also reversible with an amazing reef pattern if you wear them inside out? Head in store now for new pieces dropping in.A

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