6 Tips for a winter juice cleanse!




Easter is still haunting me weeks later, all of my hard work went straight out the window as my bloated belly gurgled it’s way through the days and my OCD (obsessive chocolate disorder). Exercise has been no problem but the chocolate, bread, and huge meals have been, I was craving another juice cleanse! (Especially the Chai Vanilla mm mm mmm)

Thank you to Annette and Jacqueline for their refreshing ONE DAY Pure Glow Cleanse juice cleanse, my Sunday was 100% sorted as far as my meals goes. I was lucky enough to have a nice sunny day, but juice cleanses are a lot harder over winter, drinking in general is harder because all you want is comfort food! But this gurgle in my stomach needed to go away and I knew this cleanse was needed.


Tip 1: Drink more yummy warm tea’s in between, the girls give you a few tea bags but I’d suggest maybe grabbing some more herbal teas to keep you going.


Tip 2: Leave your juice out for 15 minutes before drinking it, it takes the chill out and is easier to drink when it’s not icy cold.


Tip 3: Grab a bunch of movies or trashy tv episodes, sit back with a doona and spend the entire day drinking, watching and snoozing – this is why Sunday is the best day for it!


Tip 4: If you’re having a hard time keeping up the juices because of the colder weather, I sipped on some chicken stock around lunch time for extra flavour.


Tip 5: Sip your juices over an hour, they’re delicious, they really are but if you can sip them and make them last, you won’t even get hungry!


Tip 6: Stay close to the toilet, all those juices and liquids make you wee…a lot! Which is GREAT! Detoxing your kidneys and bladder is the plan!!

I definitely found a one day cleanse a lot easier than a 3 day cleanse (read here), but I would personally suggest jumping straight into a 3 day cleanse to kick start that health regime! Then back it up with a one day cleanse every few months. I feel good and refreshed that’s for sure after the 1 day juice cleanse, but that 3 days cleanse feel – that is the sweet spot! If you want to try out a cleanse, head to the Pure Glow Cleanse website and enquire about their next round!!

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