Winter Fitness Routine

Being in a routine is something that I need on a weekly basis, the minute I am out of routine is when I start ditching the gym and reaching for the bounties and twix which conveniently sit behind me at my job…




I try to keep a healthy fitness balance in my life which includes lots of cardio (because I love it) and balanced weight session to keep my guns strength in check. Knowing that I need routine in life to stay balanced is always at the back of my head.

Unfortunately right now I am in one of those “unbalanced” stages where I haven’t written down exactly what I will be doing week in week out so today…I am ticking 2 things off my list – writing a post about my routine AND in turn sticking to it!

I suggest doing the same and putting it on a big whiteboard or chalk board so you keep at it. Next week, I am going to document what I am doing across my social media so pop over and watch it unfold…

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DAILY STRETCHES: I set my alarm at about 9pm for a 10 minute stretch session, download the app “Stretch Guru” to help you!

//Monday// Rest Day

  • Everybody needs these, it’s all about balancing out your body and giving it time to rest and revive. Muscles need a certain amount of rest in order to strengthen and grow. I try for 2 days a week as a guide.

//Tuesday// Dance-Cardio

  • Tuesday I teach The Jungle Body in Rockingham, so for me it is the 1 class per week I have to be at. A full body workout where my heart rate goes up and then drops between tracks is the perfect addition to a well rounded fitness regime. Working my legs, butt, arms, core, basically EVERYTHING for one hour!

//Wednesday// Weights Session/or class

  • I balance out the cardio with a 20-30 minute weights session either at the gym or I do a series of body weight at the back of the gym (Can also be done at home with a set of 4-6kg dumbbells). Check out my instagram @wherethestyledthingsare for my latest “Winter Workouts” video’s that i’ll be posting over the next 2 weeks. If it’s not weights, i’ll try to make it to a KONGA® class.

//Thursday// Free for all (Cardio)

  • Free for all means I try something new OR go for a walk/run. I try to add in some walking, whether that be a walk at lunch time, or a walk after work, it’s great to just clear your head in this time too. I may add a run at the same time but either way it’s about how you feel too. Listen to your body. Thursday MAY just include a new class through ClassPass, which could change up from Yoga or Xtend Barre right up to F45 training.

//Friday// Rest Day

  • Second rest day for the week and well earned I say! Also known as Treat Yo Self! So, treat yourself today!

//Saturday// Early Morn gym session

  • Some people think I am crazy for working out on weekends but for me it’s the PERFECT opportunity, up early (because I love early morns) to get a quick well rounded cardio vs weights session in for 30-40 minutes. I love sticking to a core workout but Saturday’s I try to do it all.

//Sunday// Jungle Body Practice/Dog time (Cardio)

  • Sundays I try to meal prep, take the dogs for a walk (this sometimes doesn’t happen when I am by myself, the dogs are hard to handle and they are so little haha) but I also have this “Practice/Training” thing in mind for Sunday to get my playlist ready or really focus on moves or tracks that I haven’t mastered yet! If I CAN fit in an early morning weights session I will 🙂

I am not exactly strict on this, I just make sure that the days above have SOMETHING in there, so Sunday may actually turn into a circuit training class or Saturday some of my friends may all want to do a Metafit session, just as long as I have a set plan that some form of exercise will be going on for the most part.

AND…important to know…if one day you just stuff up and don’t get to a class or do something, don’t beat yourself up for it. Just try again the next day!

Do you have a fitness routine??

2 thoughts on “Winter Fitness Routine

  1. Anne

    Since winter has hit I have been really slack with my fitness routine but today is my first day of getting back into it. The waterpolo season will start soon before I know it and I will be so unfit!


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