Why picking your battles can make you a happier person!

Picking your battles is actually a battle in itself…and no I am not talking about Pokemon Go!




I know for me, I come across as a positive and fun soul but just scratching off the surface of who I am, is a feisty girl who quite easily flies off the handle and let’s anger take over, especially when I am being judged, or there is an unfair situation or I am being second guessed on the work that I am trained to do.

Unfortunately, in the past I never knew HOW to pick my battles so I fought with everything and everyone on anything! It made me a negative, unhappy and an angry person. My anger was pushing people and situations further away than I could ever imagine. I am not that girl now however I see it in a lot of people still, and hey, it’s pretty exhausting fighting the world, life and everybody in it!

SO…picking your battles actually can make you a happier person, because if you are constantly fighting against things, you end up in a negative space. It doesn’t mean you have LOST…it just means you have gained a little extra slice of positivity, and also, maturity!!

Don’t know how to pick your battles? Whether if it’s with a family member or at work, here’s a few tips to get you started…

  1. Back it up…think the issue through before reacting!
  2. Assess the issue and weigh upĀ if it is WORTH an argument or confrontation? If it really isn’t that important, find your focus elsewhere and just walk away!
  3. Talk calmly, do not yell and scream. Your action can cause a very negative reaction.
  4. Can the issue be solved together? Could you look at it from both point of views and perhaps come up with a compromise?
  5. Choose your words carefully – see tip 1, when you step back and take a moment, your words and manner becomes calmer.

Picking a battle really does take a lot of time and effort to nail, it’s taken me years to realise (And it wasn’t because people told me, I HAD to see it for myself). But hopefully a few pointers in the right direction can help you to live a happier, fulfilling life without having to worry about the exhaustion that comes with fighting with everything and everyone!

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