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Phew! What a month! July has been…well…look, it’s been bloody heckers that’s what it’s been! SO many things have happened in this time and I feel like it took a lot of stamina to keep going at some points. Highs and lows really can knock you around and this weather sure as hell does not help *bring back summer*.

You may have noticed that the blog theming has changed a little, this may happen a few times until I am happy, I felt like the old logo and the aesthetics were still a little too magaziney (is that a word?) – which is great if that’s what I wanted to achieve, but Where The Styled Things are has never really been a niche’, a little like my personality it’s slightly all over the place but still achieving the same thing! So apologies if it hurts your eyes for a while, you may even stumble across a big old mess at some stage while I smooth out what I want.

I finally took a trip down south in July, truth be told, it was very much needed! We ate so much food, mostly because the weather was awful (shots above are from the stormiest storm I have ever seen) but it almost forced sleep on me which if you know me personally, is something I don’t get a lot of! I’ll elaborate on our trip soon, it includes my cousins restaurant – they have done SUCH AN AMAZING JOB OF IT!

I have also been slowly transitioning to a vegetarian lately, a common question I have been getting is “Why?” and I feel like it’s one of those things that is simply just personal choice. I know we were brought up on meat, and hey I was from the country so seeing sheep on a truck was the norm. But I honestly feel like I can’t look at an animal and know that I am eating it’s brother. Admittedly I do get backlash on the fact that I am still eating/drinking animal products like eggs and cheese (I am also still eating seafood too for now), but guys, come on, give me a break. One thing at a time! Also…judge much? The judging that has been happening around me is down right annoying! (Also, hello, cheese…I really love cheese) I’ll never push my views on meat to anybody, each to their own, it’d be nice if people understood my side though – albeit friends and fam bam, you guys are awesome!

Lastly, work wise, I can’t even begin to tell you where that is at because so much is going on that I can’t keep up. Lots of amazing campaigns (check out #Restyle2015 on instagram – I have been brought back for this year!) and great brands that I will be working with! But also the launch of Fit Club Perth is happening really soon and after our shoot on Monday, and just seeing the images last night, I am really excited to get you guys involved! Fit Club is NOT just about the 4 of us, it’s about getting all of our readers and beyond involved. Obviously I’ll reveal more on who, what, when and where at a later date.

Friday is my birthday. Not much to say on that, 33 seems like a boring age, but I like odd numbers, and doubles of numbers so let’s just roll with that and pretend like I am 23 still!

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2 thoughts on “What’s up?

  1. Averil

    I friend of mine recommended I read a book called “some we love, some we hate, some we eat”

    It’s a very interesting discussion on the inconsistencies in how all of us view animals. I don’t get why but people always try to catch you out as a vegitarian and I find this helped me find a bit of peace.

    1. Where the styled things are

      Hey Averil, I may need to read it, thanks for the suggestion, I really don’t mind what people do but personally this is a choice I have made for my own reasons. Much like some make the choice to eat a lot of meat, some want to be vegan, I got a bit opinionated there for a little while but have really pulled back on my views because who am I to “force” my opinions on someone’s lifestyle? Maybe I will be called a hypocrite for some of my choices – but I just physically find it hard to eat meat now. Complete opposite to how I was a few years ago!!! Some people change 🙂

      Looking forward to the read! x


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