What’s a “Staycation?”

I have to put my hands up and surrender my recent dislike for the commute from Rockingham to Perth every single day, sometimes on a weekend it happens 3 or 4 times.

So, naturally, being given a weekend in the city is like a little treat for me, let’s call it a “Staycation” also known as being a tourist in your own city!

Walking out on to a buzzing street filled with people at any time of the day or night. Being close to cafés (like Tea for tu’) to grab a quick coffee. The shops being around the corner. Little nooks, lots of alleyways and something always happening, plus the chance to relax (like Yoga Alchemy!!) Not to mention the close proximity to restaurants and bars in which case drinking a couple of delicious cocktails at The Standard was OK because I didn’t have to drive tired on the boring freeway, nodding at my wheel, home! (Or catch the train….late at night, gross!)

The Alex Hotel was my saviour a few weekends ago when they invited myself and the Fit Club Perth girls for a Staycation in their bunk room (Yep, you guessed it, slumber party!!) a little retreat away from my lazy Rockingham town and into the busy, fascinating, intriguing Northbridge to explore. Our itineraries were pretty full on…but I took a lot away from the weekend and I wanted to share with you just how amazing it is to take time out from your own home and just get out and explore what Perth has to offer.

I documented our Staycation in this vlog below…

Next week I’ll take you behind the scenes in the Alex Hotel photo Diary.

If you are looking for a little Staycation yourself, The Alex Hotel is like the luxurious version of an upscale communal hotel, everything is so beautiful, and you meet some amazing people while you are there.

www.alexhotelperth.com.au | 50 James St, Perth | [email protected] | 6430 4000 

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