What 100 years old taught me…


Seeing Advanced Style – the film made me think about the things that I learnt growing up, because I am yet to experience almost 100 years old but…the years I have spent beating myself up about certain things – it all became suddenly clear. So instead of reviewing the movie for you (because I highly suggest you just watch it) I’m giving you the things I wish I knew when I was a teenager…

Don’t be the bully
I was sometimes the bully, I sometimes got bullied! It’s no excuse to put the anger onto someone else though. I wish I knew how hurtful I was being, and I wish I stuck up more for the people who didn’t know how to. I wish I was more understanding and formed bonds with outsiders, because the feeling I get now for sticking up for people and stamping on pack mentality, is the greatest feeling in the world. Do that more!

Be an individual.
I always was different to others and I like to think that I rocked that however I still pretended to like things just so I fitted in. The difference is, if you really stick to your individualism that’s what sets you apart from others and really helps you to achieve your dreams. When you grow up – that is what gets you the opportunities over the line of people who are all the same cardboard cut out.

Look after and listen to your body.
It’s the best piece of advice I could give. Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, bad eating habits, so many things I failed at right up until recently, poisoning my body constantly. It’s caused many problems, mentally, physically, emotionally! The minute you decide your health is more important, is the first day to the rest of your life – cliche and all, I can’t stress that enough!

It doesn’t get easier – so deal with it!
You think everything is so bad when you’re a teenager. Your boyfriend dumps you and your entire world crashes around you. Guess what? It doesn’t get easier! It gets a hell of a lot harder…but life throws curve balls and you just need to get stronger to deal with them. Don’t HIDE from your problems, tackle them head on, the stronger you get, the better equipped you are to deal with these things.

Be you and only you.
Don’t ever try to be something your not. I tried so hard to be academic at school and always failed. But recently I realised I was the very small percentage of the creatives who weren’t the book smart people that the education system hones in on and for that reason alone, makes you smart. Do what you need to do to pass your grades but don’t beat yourself up constantly for not being the most intelligent. At the end of the day you can still achieve what you want with hard work, motivation and determination.

Talk to people.
I bottle things up…sometimes for years. It didn’t help me growing up, I’m now stuck with the problem of finding it hard to show emotion and get my words out! I’m beginning to realise that talking to others does help. That it’s not always a burden. Confide and trust in people you love because they’ll want to help you – even if it is just to listen. I hate coming across as weak but when you let your guard down, you let people into your vulnerable side and that only brings you closer to them.

Stamp out peer pressure.
I’ll admit to smoking for a good six months when I was 16/17 but I never did it for my own reasons, it was from peer pressure and looking cool. Admittedly I was never addicted, and I personally hated it, so the unnecessary sucking back of tar into my body was because of other people’s opinions? I was prepared to kill my body slowly to fit in? When you write it out – you realise HOW ridiculous it sounds. I now rarely drink, and have always said no to hard drugs, stand up for yourself and how you feel – your rights are bloody important! Be the one that says no – people respect you for that. Oh and the minute someone calls you a pussy for not drinking, is the time you walk away, they’re obviously not in your life for the right reasons. THEIR opinions on you, clearly do not matter, therefore, why worry about what people think?

I know this wasn’t necessarily a review to the documentary I loved so much but I feel like the ladies I watched on the screen were so damn inspirational it just made me think about the bullshit in life that people worry about. Life is what you make it, do more of what makes you happy, look after yourself, be content, don’t try to please everybody else all the time, be mindful, kind, spend time with those you love, tell people how you feel, dress the way you want to, let people in, listen, speak, be heard! Life is hard sometimes but you’re the only one who can pick yourself up and make a change, stop wallowing in self pity and do something about it. And maybe if you’re feeling like you need a positivity boost, watch Advanced Style! Old ladies have never been so inspirational!

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