Weight loss VS Happiness

I think it’s a common theme, that people think when you lose weight, you become a HAPPIER person! 




Albeit, losing weight is a great confidence booster for some of us, but for others I think we expect fireworks to go off when we lose any extra fat, and when that DOESN’T happen in our minds, we feel depressed, we get obsessed and we try harder (not necessarily a good thing).

For me, I work out for the positive endorphins, and I eat well so that my body feels nourished and good and so that I have the energy for a fun lifestyle, I never ONCE set out to be a particular weight or lose a certain amount of body fat, I just simply changed my mindset, worked a little harder than normal, and gradually my body did what it does naturally.

I think people take being healthy as a numbers game, how many kgs you weigh, how many calories you can eat, macro’s, kgs you can lift, minutes you work out, reps you can do…personally, I don’t take notice of ANY of it. It’s super frustrating to me and I just don’t benefit from setting goals around numbers.


If you find it hard too, then in my honest opinion, this is what I do.

A perfect example is perhaps having an entire healthy day with no processed foods, and only nutritional meals and snacks. Or maybe I pushed myself extra hard at class that night and instead of slacking off during a track I put in extra yards! Perhaps I spent the entire day without a coffee!

Fitness & Health goals do not HAVE to be big, in fact how much easier is it to stick to your goals when they are daily and smaller? And you don’t have to write them down either, just have a small thought every few days and try to stick to it.

We live in a world where we are judged so…

  • If you want to wear active-wear every day – do it.
  • If you get too hot working out and take your shirt off to reveal a crop top – do it.
  • If you want to eat that damn mini mars bar – do it.
  • If you didn’t get in that workout today – do it tomorrow!

My point? Make things easier for you, don’t be so hard on yourself, kick the numbers to the curb and just focus on you, small goals, and don’t let the ‘judging’ get to you.

The minute you get rid of the numbers, and just focus on being happy and what makes YOU happy…you will start to see results internally…and externally.

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