What to do this weekend? // Flat Whites & Flowers


Alright, I know, there’s a massive game on this weekend, but for me, the GF just isn’t doing it for me this year…






For me, it’s all about the quiet streets and empty cafe’s this weekend that i’ll be taking advantage of. Given the beautiful Spring weather, last weekend I hope you took advantage of my picnic idea HERE, this weekend however I am all about the flat white’s and flowers!

Where to go this weekend: Cafe’s/Flower Shops

I am a sucker for a café, you already knew that, Instagram has proven this fact! When I end up in central places though I do love to suss out cafe’s as much as I can for a good coffee.

Beaufort St, Leederville, Perth, Northbridge and West Perth may just be some of my favourite area’s so I thought I’d point out my regular central café visits…as well as a few on my list to try…

  • Chu Bakery
  • Mary St Bakery
  • Hylin
  • Tracks Leederville
  • Gordon St Garage
  • Pixel Coffee
  • Oxford St Café
  • The Office
  • West End Deli
  • Spadille Café & Garage
  • The Wolf, The Bean, The Walnut
  • Lawley’s Café
  • Tarts Café
  • Milkd
  • Little Bird Café

Just to name a few…

What to wear this weekend: Bonds & Jeanswest

Jeanswest Shorts | Jeanswest Hat | Marle Bonds Jumper | Betts Gold Shoes | Op Shop Clutch

I love a shorts/jumper combo, mostly in spring because most of the time it’s just that breeze that get’s ya! Shorts are definitely my go to though, and it’s the biggest reason as to why casual Friday is such an annoying deal to me because you can’t wear shorts to work.

The intricate embroidery on these are really pretty though, who says that spring means flowery prints and over the top colour?

Not to mention a nice oversized Bonds jumper in steel to keep with the theme, my top tip for buying jumpers are to buy 2 sizes bigger if you want an off the shoulder look.

If you are also not a massive GF watcher (if none of the teams take your interest) then maybe it’s the best time on Saturday to roam Beaufort St, Oxford St, Northbridge and West Perth for a little coffee and flower combo! You may even see me…

Photos by Little Miss Mon Bon

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