So, what is the verdict on a natural teeth whitener?

I had a first world problem the last few months, all that coffee you see on Instagram took a toll on my teeth and stained the absolute bajeezus out of them!!


Not that I was totally concerned about it, however I did consider a dentist appointment but the idea of having chemicals swished around my mouth for my own superficial purposes was waning my “wants”.

So I decided to try the more natural way, I had heard that charcoal helped, so I opened up the old fire from when I last used it back 2 years ago throughout winter to cook a massive stew…and said HELL NO…I wasn’t putting that in my mouth — so WARPAINT to the rescue.

A lot of you have been interested in my results so I decided to do a FAQ, even though Warpaint gifted this product to me, I was really wanting to truthfully document my thoughts…so…here goes…

NB: Apologies on the bad photos, I was too excited to try and document my findings that I forgot to take professional photos!

What does it taste like?
To be honest, not much at all, there is a slight minty taste but apart from that it’s pretty much tasteless!

Does it ruin your toothbrush?
It makes it a little black, I wash mine with boiling hot water anyway and actually decided on having a separate toothbrush for the warpaint, I hide it though, because if people saw a half black toothbrush they would think I had an issue.

How many times did you use it before you saw results?
To be completely honest, it was almost immediately with me, but I have continued to use it over the last fortnight and it’s really brightened up my teeth, as you can see from the photo (after 3 goes) the difference between a warm and cool hue is pretty apparent.

Where do you get it?
Purchase Warpaint here. 

How much does it cost?

How long does it last?
Up to 150 brushes, so basically, this could last a good 3-4 months if used every second day!

Does it make a huge mess in your bathroom?
If you are clumsy like me it can get all over the sink, but it’s washes right off!

Does it clean the sink as well as your teeth?
HAHA I never tried, I didn’t want to WASTE it!!

How do you use it?
Wet your toothbrush, dip into the powder, brush your teeth in circles for 2 minutes, rinse until clear then brush with toothpaste after.
Click the video below for a preview…
warpaintvidIs it easy to wash off your teeth?
Yeah it washes right off, however I have found it’s a little gritty and some charcoal can get stuck in your teeth, but nothing flossing doesn’t get rid of!

What’s the consistency like?
It’s pretty gritty as mentioned above, admittedly, it’s like brushing your teeth with charcoal haha.

Did it work?
Yes! My colouring is a lot more cooler tones, I am pretty happy with the results, for a natural rescue it works amazingly, and I’ll continue to buy and use it now too!

So…will you try it???

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