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Photos by Little Miss Mon Bon

The benefits of waking up early are endless! Maybe not endless…but I’m going to run through what I love about those early wake up calls because yes, I AM that girl who is singing at the top of her lungs while making breakfast. YEP, hate on me all you like grumpy bums!!

Here’s why the early wake up calls can benefit you;

  • Now there’s no excuse not to do a mini work out, being up early means you have extra time to get some exercise in!
  • If you’re a blogger, this is the perfect time for shooting outfit posts – golden morning hour is photographer porn! It’s when I always recommended shooting.
  • Being up early you can have a nourishing breakfast and fuel your body for the day rather than sleeping in and skipping breakfast all together.
  • You get to see the sunrise – that in itself can help with mental health. Sunrises sure as hell make ME a smile every morning.
  • The cafe’s are open at 7am which means if you are one of the first in, you get a quiet table, you don’t have to wait in line for an hour then wait for your food for another hour!
  • Early rising can be beneficial for your work too, I seem to get more done in the morning especially with the blog, the extra few hours in the morning means by mid-morning I can do more things for me rather than working.
  • If you’re up and at em early, there’s less likely to be “late” to appointments and meetings, this is a big one for me, I hate being late, I get anxious if I am late (and living with someone who is so nonchalant about being late makes me freak out on a daily basis.) so early riser means you can kick others out the door with you to get to those things on time.

Have I convinced you on early rising yet? I figure you have Saturday to get everything in, start the challenge for yourself – Sunday for sleep in and Saturday for early wake up calls. I am not telling you to dance and sing at 4am like me though….even I think that’s weird.


2 thoughts on “Waking up early with BAYSE

    1. Where the styled things are

      hahaha Em I think I have always just been a morning girl, my dad and i were up SO early in the morning, I’d watch Astro Boy and he would be reading the paper getting ready (slowly) for work. Maybe it’s just ingrained into my routine from an early age xx


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