My top tips on a “Vegetarian Transition” with You Plate it.





Pictured: 2 meals from our You Plate it Collaboration

I made the promise to myself to start the process of becoming a vegetarian, I guess a lot of things have made me make this decision but mostly it was realising just how easy it is to cut meat out and bring vegetables to the forefront of my eating habits. (Not for a healthy diet either, for me it was more the fact that I didn’t like eating all of the animals). 

You Plate it came at the right time for me because of this reason alone, and being given 2 delicious, healthy and easy meals to try out was great for my “girl on the go” lifestyle – because, let’s not make life hard here! I talk about how easy You Plate it is HERE but I wanted to delve into how vegetarian meals are really not that hard at all.

Here are some of my top tips to vegetarian transitioning:

  • Firstly, book a few weeks with You Plate It – who will make it ridiculously easier!
  • Plan your meals ahead (Obviously, You Plate it make this VERY easy for you)
  • Cook with FRESH produce (You Plate it delivered fresh and quality produce)
  • Make vegetarian versions of your favourite meals (Replace the meat with beans, veggies or a wheat/rice product)
  • Faux meats really are wonderful (I am not kidding, they taste great!)
  • Transition by arranging in 4 veggie meals a week as a start (You Plate it can help you there too!)
  • Cook vegetables different ways (pan frying veggies or roasting them with a splash of coconut oil is DELICIOUS)
  • Start with red meat and then slowly transition the white meat out as you go.
  • Flavour is key – get out those fresh herbs and spices!

You Plate it let me trial out the Spiced carrots and farrow as well as the Vegetable Burrito, both FULL of flavour and completely filling for 2 people, and did I mention easy to cook and really quick? They even rotate their recipes so you are not ordering the same thing week in week out – check out this weeks recipes HERE.

I hope that if you are looking at becoming a vegetarian that my tips have helped, I definitely feel like the last 6 weeks has been a lot easier than anticipated…You Plate it certainly helped at the right time!

Check out You Plate it HERE and let me know how you go if you book some weeks with them!

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