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Perth’s Waterside Restaurants

After moving to Mt Lawley I realised how much I missed the Rockingham beaches, during Summer it was a regular drive down the coast at least 3 times a week so I have been researching some beach/waterside jaunts to cover over the summer months. 

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Op Shopped; Chunky Knits

I know how much you guys LOVE Op Shop finds, it’s kind of what made the blog a little more substantial in the first instance (Cue Restyle 2013) and I am not one for throwing away what got me to where I am today so I wanted to show you all a really great find. In […]

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Sneaker Rotation with Glue Store

Featured: Nike Roshe Run 15’s from GLUE STORE The heels to sneaker ratio in my cupboard is pretty slim…I went out and bought 3 pairs of the exact same heels because they were comfortable, other than those identical pairs I have maybe on rotation 1 other pair. Sneakers though…it’s the only thing I hoard, and […]

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The best denim shorts…like….ever! //Glue Store Collab//

Wearing One Teaspoon cut offs by Glue Store | Wrangler Tee from Glue Store | Nike Roshe Run 15 from Glue Store I counted 5 pairs of denim shorts in my wardrobe the other day! Want to know how many I wear? One…ONE PAIR! I am the idiot who, after losing weight, looks at shorts […]

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Life’s a beach!

Kaftan (Temt) $39.95 | Rip Curl Bikini (Crystals Surf) $69.99 | Beaded Necklaces (Tree of Life) $25 each (All purchased from Rockingham Shopping Centre) 2014 – was it the year of the kaftan? Absolutely not, well not in my eyes, I always figured a kaftan was a way to cover all your jubbly bits whilst […]

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12 days of swimwear

Summer, are you serious? You come late to the party and expect us to just welcome you with open arms? Really though, you have taken your sweet time with arriving and maybe you would like to think of that as fashionably late. But I think it’s just plain rude! I do forgive you though because […]

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Blogger Be Styled X Claremont Quarter

The last 2 years have been about changes for me, in myself and definitely in my wardrobe! After speaking to Des Eddy, a stylist I met a few years ago, he made me realise just how much I have changed and kept mentioning that it was an evolution (haha). From tutu skirts and t-shirts with […]

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Totally Twisted

Wearing Totally Twisted Maxi from St Frock $59 | Hair by 501 Hair Lounge The other day when I put this dress on was the first day of the realisation that I had in fact…lost my boobs! Yeah…they’ve gone missing and I am willing to send out a search party and put up a reward if […]

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This sh*t is BANANAS

Putting together an outfit is kind of a struggle every day for me…I am no stylist, my floordrobe proves that every time when it’s 6am, I have 5 minutes to get out the door and every piece of clothing is from one end of my bedroom out to the lounge room…and if the dogs get […]

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Shape up for SUMMER!

Rockingham Shopping Centre is taking November to the extreme and talking all things fit and healthy with the “Shape up for Summer” campaign! I am obviously on the bandwagon with the #lazygirlsguidetofitness and so, together we have come up with a few simple and easy sports to get that heart pumping and out and about […]

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