Making travel easier with Lululemon

I hate these blog posts, I still read them though, but I do the casual eye roll when I see yet another travelling, what to pack in my bag blog post.

I guess you’re thinking “Adelle…I know how to pack my flipping bag!!!” I think the same. But the thing is…sometimes hearing it from a different perspective I have been able to personally pick up some tips here and there that I wanted to share.
First and foremost, the guys at Lululemon in the city did hit me up with this amazing “Free to be” bag, they actually made sure I knew it was for the gym. Which was perfect considering I wanted to work out every day on holidays! But this bag actually worked as my carry on bag and every day bag too because of how many pockets and spots were included. Even labelled! Yes, because we all need to know where to put our sweaty unmentionables after a work out right?
What I pack for carry on baggage
  • Treats: OK so I ate most of the treats but they included some raw nuts, a couple of bliss balls and bananas. This banana is not my type of banana, you have literally 3 hours between just ripe and over ripe in my opinion but it was the only one i had left for photos!
  • Water: essential! I know they offer it on the plane but who wants to consume half then have the food tray down for half a cup of water (and ain’t nobody got time to ask them to take it away) a bottle is better.
  • Headphones and phone (duh right?): Because sometimes – like right now, I like to just listen to my own music and write a few blog posts while I’m flying.
  • Laptop: did I mention the bag fits a 15″ Mac book pro comfortably? Well it does! But at the same time it’s a good time for me to edit photos, or videos, so I do that on the plane with a fully charged lap top!
  • Notebook and pen: when I have an idea it goes down onto paper – it’s more likely to happen if it’s written. Note pad on the phone is ok but I have about 600 “notes” that I never read!!!!! Electronic notes do not work for me. Technology! Pffft! Oh also…call me old fashioned but sometimes leaving a nice note in a cafe to the waiter/waitress always makes me feel good.
  • Panadol: I have added in panadol rapid but do not take these. They are evil. They had me on the brink of throwing up for an entire day! Jesus Christ they were awful!!! However regular panadol (as much as I am all about natural remedies) works when you’re travelling. Sometimes the cold air in the plane can really hurt my head!!
  • USB phone charger: most planes have a USB charge now so bring it with you to plug in – it’s always a sanity check for you if you have full battery – am I right?
  • Jumper and socks: self explanatory! I’m freezing my ass off right now in this plane! Why do they turn the air cond right up? This is how I got sick over to Tassie!!!! Anyway it’s better than completely freezing your nipples off hey?
  • Throaties: I got a sore throat about 3 minutes into my trip to tassie on the plane. It happens. It’s that air conditioner issue!!!!!!! Richard Branson – take note!
I hope some of these tips can help you on your next trip regardless of how long you will be on any form of transport for! If you are in Lululemon ask to see the bag, I’m not going to lie, it’s worth a gander!

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