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Wearing Totally Twisted Maxi from St Frock $59 | Hair by 501 Hair Lounge

The other day when I put this dress on was the first day of the realisation that I had in fact…lost my boobs! Yeah…they’ve gone missing and I am willing to send out a search party and put up a reward if someone finds them. I guess that’s the only downfall to losing weight, at almost 60kgs a year ago I admit that my top half did become well endowed. I had to buy a whole stack of new bra’s and I was quite OK with not even wearing bra’s with this new set of cans.

But this day…I was scrambling around looking for a decent pair to at least give me some kind of oompf in the chest area – to no avail, nothing was working. However I like to think that maybe no boobs is so in fashion right now, like when people started baring their freckles and I thought “YES!” because my face has been kissed by the sun more than a couple of times.

This dress is thankfully, forgiving, in the way it drapes it really has done the perfect job of giving me some hips which I tomboyishly seem to be missing. I have some advice if you purchase the Totally Twisted Maxi from St Frock though, get a size smaller, I definitely needed some extra help with the straps, I had them at a reasonable level then I bent over to pick something up and my boobs fell out – surprise surprise, it wouldn’t be a story of my caliber if my boobs didn’t fall out after all. So I had to tighten them quite a lot.

Yet another post on my boobs…I get the feeling that maybe the fact that they’ve gone missing has me in a bit of a panic, if you see me in the next few weeks I’d love to hear your tips on exactly how to get them back!

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  1. Oyster & Pearl

    I say embrace the no-boob! I think it’s far easier to pad them out and chicken fillet them up than it is to make them smaller for those outfits when too much boob is not a good look. Being part of the IBTC affords a whole lotta freedom and no-bra time. 😉


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