HOW TO: tone your butt

I wanted to give you all an insight in to what I have been doing with my fitness lately, not that I wanted to lose weight, just in general stay fit and tone up – low and behold, I found something that is working ten fold!

You MAY have noticed The Jungle Body getting a massive wrap on the blog. I explained it over on Fit Club Perth but for a quick snippet here are my thoughts…

What you need to know straight up is that Konga burns 700 calories per lesson. In my own words, “it is like dancing to some great music, in a dark room with disco balls, to very easy choreography, oh and not to mention sweating and working out like a crazy person”. Basically, it’s like you have stepped back in time to a 1991 Blue Light disco (except without the braces, scrunchies and ill fitting hand-me-downs).

Konga will make you box, twerk, dance, shake, extend and much more. It works your thighs, butt, abs, arms, legs…I could go on, but it is far easier to just say that it works EVERYTHING!

Also…as you may already know…I am training to become an instructor and have a big COMING SOON sign up over on – bringing the party to the south side of Perth and eventually inner city! So in an effort to give you a look into the fun we have, I made this video, it’s possibly not ALL the moves to this song BUT it shows the fun side to Konga…this track legitimately makes your butt perkier and firmer!

Just press play…


So…will I see you when we launch south of the river???

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