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Putting together an outfit is kind of a struggle every day for me…I am no stylist, my floordrobe proves that every time when it’s 6am, I have 5 minutes to get out the door and every piece of clothing is from one end of my bedroom out to the lounge room…and if the dogs get hold of something, my clothes also migrate out to the back yard, they have an obsession with my bra’s? So an actual ONE piece is perfect for me, barely any thought process put into it just zip it up and you’re ready!

The “Play to Win” jumpsuit from St Frock is a perfect summer alternative to body-con dresses that you can’t move around in, because let’s face it, you can do so many more things with PANTS on, wait, did I really just say that?! Only when your outside of the house, inside the house it’s a free for all pants off party! The tie around the front is perfect to tighten the mid section and cinch in the waist, and the material is really easy to iron which for me is a plus considering it’s only the WORST chore ever!

Check out the Play to Win jumpsuit in yellow HERE and also more summer pieces like maxi’s and beautiful floral capes at St Frock HERE.

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