Things that I do that probably everyone else does too but I think it’s just me that does it?


Rather long title right? I feel like…I had a week off work, Easter was damn good, I may have eaten a little too much and fell off the health AND blog bandwagon so it’s time to ease back into it again with some general knowledge on life…

Those things that you do, that probably everyone else does too, but you think you are the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD that does it! We all have those realizations when were in a group of friends and one small thing is brought up “My bag is full of CRAP! Where did all this crap come from? Oh that’s right…I am lazy and I just fill my bag up with random stuff I can’t be bothered walking to the bathroom, kitchen AND bin for” all of a sudden – everyone agrees and you don’t feel so lazy after all.

I am sharing with you today, things in my life that I feel like if discussed, other people would agree? I hope! because if I turn out to be some lazy, obsessive compulsive, ‘terrible female’, weirdo, self obsessed Instagram user, I may just cry!

  • Go out of my way to step on a crispy leaf on the ground.
  • Associate food with peoples names eg: Lara = mint leaf lolly and Terry = porridge (OK Maybe I am the ONLY person who does this?)
  • Pretend I am a helpless female when I can’t be bothered putting too much effort in, but when there are no males around I can move entire display cabinets and couch’s.
  • Avoid coffee on long trips – peeing every 15 minutes slows down these roadtrips!!
  • I am so lazy, I grab rubbish and bits and bobs like lipstick, bobby pins, receipts, gum and just throw it in bags randomly (but they have to be close to me) that’s why my handbags are full of sooo much sh*t!
  • Forget to reply to e-mails, I read them, then they get buried in between the 300 spam e-mails that are sent to me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!
  • Have so many big ideas, start a bunch of them, then never finish them.
  • Think every opportunity is a great Instagram opportunity – I take at least 20 photo’s a day and then go back to them when I haven’t posted on IG for a few hours.
  • Post at least 6 photo’s on IG a day – obsessed?
  • Check Instafollow every day…get slightly depressed when people I know or bloggers I know delete me L
  • Still open those spam e-mails that tell you that you’ve won a million dollars or a car…and still think “But…maybe I have?”
  • Feel like I WILL win lotto one day, like, seriously, I am going to win one day – it’s all planned out in my head! No, no, you won’t win the money, I will!
  • I always start a small job and it turns into a huge job, then half way through I end up crying about how big the job is. EG: Cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, discovering how DIRTY everything is, having to rewash it all, wipe down the benches and place it all again. Yes. THOSE jobs!
  • Pretend I am sooo tough “I catch spiders and release them”. A mouse runs past my feet, I am on that kitchen table screaming like a little girl in seconds.
  • Act like I am listening, not actually listening, reading e-mails and thinking about ice cream.
  • Have conversations/daydreams  in my head and end them how I want them to end eg. “Hi Adelle, it’s so and so here from Cosmopolitan, we’d LOVE to have you write a column a month for us, we will pay you $30 a word”.
  • Stare at people eating.
  • Can never find decent undies – wear granny undies all the time because my good ones are hiding!

Do you do any of these too? (Secretly hoping you all say yes so I don’t feel alone).

If this post doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe the DIY by Eryn will that is going up in a couple of days. Or MAYBE a product that helps reduce the visible signs of cellulite? See you then! x

4 thoughts on “Things that I do that probably everyone else does too but I think it’s just me that does it?

  1. Eryn

    Ok, I do a few of those things! There’s nothing better than standing on a crunchy leaf. And maybe we could start a hashtag on Insta #stuffinmybag… but I’m not sure the photos would be that desirable!!


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