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I am that goose that still goes to the DVD store to pick out a movie, call me old school? Or maybe just the poor soul who has really bad download speed – and anyway, that’s illegal right? Haha!

In my jaunt through the video aisles it’s a general rule that when you’re with me you’re probably going to see a comedy. Because I like to laugh til my ribs are sore – who doesn’t? Laughing is a natural drug, it produces happy endorphins, it relaxes you and helps with stress, it’s also great for your immune system – why wouldn’t you want to spend a good couple of hours laughing? Could it be the new #fitspo and #healthyliving that we were unaware of?

Laughter being my favourite thing to do, it was only a natural yes from me when The Brisbane invited me to one of their Tuesday comedy nights last week and for the cost of ONE movie ($5) I was open to giggling at around 10 or so comedians either testing out their new routines OR first time stand up virgins – what could go wrong? There were definitely some diamonds in the rough last Tuesday night, comedians that Id gladly spend more than $5 to watch. Beyond that if you’re not laughing at their jokes, sometimes the awkwardness gets too much and you have to cringe and smirk at the same time all the while feeling terribly sorry for people punching out of their comfort zone and giving it a go.

I’m pretty open to mid week outings and after realising that The Brisbane isn’t just a place for me to stumble to at 11pm drunk from the last 2 pubs (a few years ago obviously haha), opening mid week with some of the most delicious food we have tasted (NB; the barramundi and salmon are pretty bloody amazing, we haven’t stopped talking about it, in fact, maybe I’ll be there again tonight). And ending on a tight ass Tuesday $5 comedy show at Lazy Susan’s (above the restaurant) you really really REALLY can’t go wrong.

You may even see me back there almost every Tuesday night for my #healthyliving – skip the gym on a Tuesday, laugh instead!!!

The Brisbane Hotel | 292 Beaufort Street (Corner Brisbane Street), Highgate

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