The only grey tee you’ll need!






Wearing Strange Lane “Believe Me Tee” $30

I have my hand on my heart and am confessing to my grey tee obsession, we are currently counting around 10 of them in my wardrobe. There’s a lot to be said about my grey tee obsession but I have an explanation for it all.

Let’s talk about the styles…there’s a difference in hems, neck lines, bagginess vs tightness, low cut, high cut, not to mention a few different materials. But with all of that…let’s face it, they’re still just a grey tee, and they all basically look the same.

Convincing myself of the Believe Me Tee from Strange Lane however, was not a hard task, I stroll through shops and pick up grey tees now and know I have to put them back (much to my sadness) but this one….well this one is something else! Do I need to delve into the fact that the back is cut out? Backless tops and dresses are sexier than cleavage (I think) not to mention the 4 ways you can wear this top.

  • Simple – like the way I have worn it here.
  • Layered by adding a bralet over the top.
  • Or Corporate by adding a collared shirt underneath and either wear the tee front ways or back ways.

Not sure about you, but I think I might go and buy 3 more just in case I ruin one, they are on sale for $30 right now at Strange Lane.

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