The Lazy Girls Guide to Fitness!


Hands up who LOVES exercise!!!!! I say that with the least amount of enthusiasm in my voice because, I am NOT that girl who loves to just smash out 200 burpees at the gym, then lift some god awful weights. No, absolutely not! Put your damn flexy muscles away please!!! I am more of a couch potato, and with that comes chocolate, popcorn and cups of tea. Wallowing in my pity though throughout all of 2013 didn’t do me any favours  as I was stuck in that “can’t be bothered” routine and turned down plenty of invitations out because well…the weather was bad.

It goes without saying…”The less you do, the less you want to do” and I was using that as my excuse…because here I was, again another Saturday at home, falling asleep on the couch at 9pm. Don’t get me wrong, I have been very active considering, and this year (2014) was my fitness year and I feel I have done well seeing it’s the ONLY New Years Resolution that has lasted almost all of the year now. I mean, especially compared to what I USED to be like, but there were moments where I went weeks of not doing anything and eating my weight in Mexican food.


As I flicked through photos from a few years ago (See above – woah who is that girl!?) I realise I have come pretty far, and I have dropped quite a bit of weight without really trying all that hard. Before you slap me upside the head with a violet crumble though just hear me out…

Not going to lie, compliments have been lovely in the last 6 months *oh snap I don’t do compliments well* but when people ask me WHAT am I doing to drop the kgs, I find it hard to answer, because to me, my lifestyle change hasn’t been that huge. We have established I am a total sloth, and with that slothnessI lost weight – but I still exercised, I just did it in a way that I barely noticed that I was doing it. And I changed my eating habits, AGAIN…by tricking my taste buds into thinking I was eating a full fat bowl of ice cream when really it was dairy free and full of the good fats and sugar.



The Lazy Girls Guide to Fitness is a brand new section on the blog that I will be adding to over time to get your summer bod ready (If you head over there now you can already see it filling up with tips and products). Did you know that tiny changes in your routine actually have a big impact. Just think, if you eat chocolate every single day like I did back in 2013, you’re bound to put on weight and continuously do so. If you cut that back though – that weight slowly diminishes right? If you go every day taking the escalators instead of the stairs – that’s a wasted opportunity to move your legs!! Take those stairs girlfriend!

A different mindset is what I do, I am NO fitness expert, in fact, I shudder at the thought – we have already established that! But that just makes things easier to listen to right? I am a real person, I don’t think cutting out foods is right, and I feel diets are bloody stupid, but I know swapping them and adding just a FEW little bits and pieces to your everyday routine can help BIG TIME! I mean, I am a walking, talking, experiment at the end of the day, December 2013 I was a size 12, today I am a size 8 and I lazed my way in healthy living to get here! You can do it too – it’s so bloody easy guys, everyone in my life can vouch how lazy I am, I mean I am considering getting a cleaner!

SO…I have some fun things coming up for you, and I can guarantee you will barely lift a finger. Are you going to sloth your way to the top too? Of course you are! Click here to go through some of the latest tips and products.

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