The complete make-over in 40 minutes!


My hair is important to me, it’s the one thing I think that would really devastate me if I ever had to give it up, I am a definite stickler for change though and as I took out “Most creative hair” award in Year 12 awards (not the most likely to achieve, not the highest marks in my class, not the best singer) it masked me as a Gen Y with characteristics of which were “Open to change” and “Attention seeking” (Sound familiar??)

The extensions I have had for a good few months now from 501 Hair Lounge are a short process which was just 40 minutes for a complete makeover that not even my friends recognised me with, and the best part is when you want to go back to your short hair, it isn’t so devastating to cut them all off when you just get the extensions removed. However, in my case, with having way too much fun being able to style, colour and create again – it’s safe to say, the Bella Mia Hair Extensions will definitely be staying.

501 Hair Lounge have an amazing discount happening at the moment via the blog, you can have a complete makeover in just 40 minutes too, if you book in during the month of October with them  they will give you a $50 discount on hair extensions (just mention the blog) AS WELL as a free EVO Product! Just give them a call, or drop in to their salon in North Perth (all details below) to get a quote and DON’T forget to mention the blog to receive your discount and EVO product!! (And don’t forget they now stock Olaplex!!!) I can’t wait to see all of the mermaids surrounding Perth with your luscious locks…now go forth Ariel…

501 Hair Lounge: 7 Blake Street, Perth | 08) 9444 9669 [email protected]

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