The 2016 Goals Jar

For many years in the lead up to 2013 I felt awful about myself, I really wasn’t happy with who I was, but when 2014 came around there was a definite change, I changed my ENTIRE life just by realising I wasn’t living the way I wanted to, I was unfit, I was really unhealthy and I didn’t like who I was. goalsjar2016-4

To keep me feeling great about myself I started a new journey, I made myself a goals jar.

–GOALS JAR 2016–

What the hell is a goals jar? Basically when something GREAT happened I wrote it down and I put it in the jar, December 31st 2014 I opened up the jar and read them all out loud. I achieved so much? I probably achieved a lot in other years too but I focused on the negatives rather than the positives. We all do, it’s an easy thing to recognise the bad shit that happens but it’s REALLY hard to be happy with the good stuff. We are all very self critical after all as humans! (Read my achievements post that I speak about above HERE)

I discussed the goals jar idea with a few people over the last few weeks and have had nothing but smiles about it – that in itself, makes me feel great that I have helped others in realising the simplistic positivity of the idea. In fact one friend passed the idea on to other friends and a teacher is now using the goals jar in their Year 5 classroom – how amazing does that make me feel? Pretty damn amazing I tell you!

So with all of that, the goals jar for me is back in action with a better outlook in life and I URGE you to do the same, focus on the good things because at the end of the year when you read out all these positive achievements, you will feel amazing for the year ahead



Get a jar, a packet of post it notes and a big pen!

Place your jar somewhere easy to get to and focus on the positives at least every few days (maybe every day) and write them down on a post it note and place into the jar.

Small Things: Something as simple as “I got to spend the day with my Mum” or “I made my partner laugh” these are things that are special – write these down.

Big Things: Obviously add in the big things too because these are a sense of achievement too “I worked with Lorna Jane” was a big one for me a couple of years ago and “I lost 12 kilo’s” was another big one!

I would LOVE to hear if you have been using a Goals Jar…and if you do, tag me on social media and use the hashtag #GoalsJar2016 — I would love to spread the word, tell your friends, give them this link and get them involved!

3 thoughts on “The 2016 Goals Jar

  1. Gail pick

    You are so clever my darling, what a fantastic idea. I am going to look for a jar and you know what I have one in the pantry that you gave me filled with your amazing yum balls. It’s empty now. Dad and I have worked in the reverse and written all we would like to achieve in the new year, in a diary, and we tick them off as we go. Just love this idea!!!!!!!! 😍

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