That Sugar Film; how it effected me


That Sugar Film couldn’t have come at a better time, after recent criticism across social media on my health and my figure I thought it was a great time to really delve into the world of health yet again. (It’s a great reminder after all)

I spend a lot of time justifying what I do as a healthy 32 year old woman (which, being said, is the first time I have ever considered myself as HEALTHY), and if you know me personally, in fact if you have just been following me through the blog and social media then it’s obvious that my change of lifestyle was gradual and probably the healthiest option to take. The thing is…I am not stupid (contrary to popular belief), regardless of the crazy antics and over the top personality, I have a bit of knowledge in what’s good for me and what’s not. Let it be said, I am not starving myself, I am eating less sugary options but that’s because I am fuller through better foods not food that has no nutritional value or substance. I am also exercising – pretty sure that’s a massive up on the whole “losing weight” thing.

I have dealt with a bit of backlash more recently, outsiders seem to think I am too skinny, it’s not something I am a stranger to, having words slashed left right and centre towards my weight for almost all of my life. Until I put ON weight and all of a sudden I look healthy (Little did people know I was smashing burgers, chocolate and chips every single day – healthy? I think not).

Don’t get me wrong, positive reinforcement on my changes have been phenomenal but for some reason, negativity really impacts a LOT more in peoples lives and usually I would shrug off the comments but I think I felt a little angry more to the point that I was a sick of justifying my actions when really, my actions have ALL been health driven.

Which brings me across to That Sugar Film, an Australian docu-film about sugar (duh), I thought it was going to be about how evil sugar is – it isn’t. In fact, it discusses basically EVERYTHING that I do in MY life to stay healthy – it’s not a big bad drug but it’s addictive like a drug and still something that I try to swap where I can.

thatsugarfilm2Taken from That Sugar Film Social Media.

A few things to take away:

  • Discussions popped up on children and the negative push to bribe them with sugar filled treats. I remember as a kid, a punnet of strawberries was a huge treat (not a block of chocolate). And guess what? It STILL is! (Actually maybe I upgraded to fresh raspberries) if they don’t KNOW about a sugary chocolate bar, packet of lollies, chips or donuts, then how are they going to crave it?
  • We average 40 teaspoons of sugar A DAY – in hidden sugars such as sauces, cereals, and “low fat” yoghurts.
  • Sugar doesn’t fill you up, calorie counting is VOID (Like i haven’t yelled this from the roof tops before) basically stop counting calories – the experiment was to eat the same calories as before but replace all the good fats (avocado’s/dairy etc.) with sugars (diet yoghurt, packet mixes etc.) results were that he was eating MORE sugary foods but the same amount of calories – hence the weight gain! Good fat keeps you fuller for longer. Sugar does not.
  • It takes 2-4 weeks for a sugar addiction to suppress. It’s not that hard once you get over the initial hump!
  • It’s a proven fact that eating well, swapping foods to still help with the sweet and savoury cravings and exercising a little each day is what will help you to stay healthy, and if you want to lose the weight – it will drop off!

Little did I realise that what I have been preaching for a year now, was really like a massive pat on my back…giving the correct information is somewhat liberating for me, to acknowledge this now is a HUGE satisfaction on my part. I love a good documentary and That Sugar Film hits so many great things, with really brilliant cinematography I get a sense of the video game “Little Big Planet” with the narrator and some effects across it that really had me interested.

I suggest watching the film…for me it wasn’t a huge eye opener, but it might be for others, and if it means throwing more fresh produce in your basket, then I’d love for you to see just how great being healthy is!

In the mean time check out @lazygirlsguidetofitness on instagram to keep up to date with all of the above, and check out the lazy girl’s tab here on the blog to read about my “journey” or read the 1 year progress here… xx

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