Take off your pants and jacket…

Faux fashionista’s…hands up!

OK, so i went through life basically wearing the same stuff, let’s rewind back to the 90’s where as a 10 year old girl, i was wearing green denim shorts, baggy t-shirts, denim jackets and combat boots. Not a whole lot has changed and I am not afraid to admit that.

Finding your own specific style is difficult, do you follow trends? Do you have your own style? Wear trackies 90% of your life? Change between all black and grey to colourful confetti? Or do you just not know WTF you are doing? I am going to be honest…I am all of these things!

Style doesn’t HAVE to be specific, 2018 is all about doing whatever the hell you want, I have a clear obsession this winter. I basically live in jackets, my wardrobe is full of them, and I keep receiving them too! So here’s a little run down on the jackets I think are crucial in your wardrobe…

  • Leather/Faux leather biker jacket
  • A pop of colour jacket
  • A patterned jacket
  • Denim jacket
  • Woolly Cardi
  • A long line going out jacket
  • Blazer

If you have a nice little gathering of jackets, it’s your staple for winter, pair with heels, sneakers and cute flats, jeans and simplistic tops, tees and jumpers.

I spent a lifetime worried about my own style, but in 2018 i am just wearing what i love, because it’s all about what i am comfortable wearing, what suits me and what i feel like at the time!

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