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How to curb your cravings!

I have had a LOT of changes in my life over the past 6 months, they have all been highly stressful and hard to deal with. My fitness has dropped, my eating habits are disgusting some days and weight has crept in. (Not to mention my energy levels being near on zero!)

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Stay healthy; laugh more!

Photos by Little Miss Mon Bon Happiness…say that out loud and slowly “Hap…Pee….Nis” it makes me laugh every time because I just made you say penis!!! That’s what this post is all about – laughter, being happy and shaking off the shit!

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Healthy Anzac Biscuits

  I have been delving into the world of nut milks lately, it’s such an easy process¬†but with nut milk leaves an excess of nut pulp which is a lot of great nutrients and also an amazing base for baking healthily. And let’s be honest…I hate to waste food!!! (And, look, I know “Nut milk” […]

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