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Bicycle Attire; making fitness fun

When people say “It’s easy, it’s just like riding a bike, you never forget” they did not consider me in their little analogy…

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In bed with Hunter-Rose; sleepwear for “normal people”

Question: Do I wear pyjama’s to bed? Answer: No!

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Stay healthy; laugh more!

Photos by Little Miss Mon Bon Happiness…say that out loud and slowly “Hap…Pee….Nis” it makes me laugh every time because I just made you say penis!!! That’s what this post is all about – laughter, being happy and shaking off the shit!

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Fade to Black: Sheridyn Swim (#12daysofswimwear)

SHERIDYN SWIM QUAD BIKINI | TREE OF LIFE SILVER BELLYCHAIN Sitting Pretty Tan | 501 Hair Lounge Hair When life hands you lemons, cut that lemon open, squirt it in life’s eyes and demand something better! When life hands you a bangin’ bikini though, high 5 life right in the face and go swimming! It’s really no secret […]

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Blogger Be Styled X Claremont Quarter

The last 2 years have been about changes for me, in myself and definitely in my wardrobe! After speaking to Des Eddy, a stylist I met a few years ago, he made me realise just how much I have changed and kept mentioning that it was an evolution (haha). From tutu skirts and t-shirts with […]

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Happiness is what you make it…

Wearing: BLUSHED by Teagan Jacobs | Photography by Tony Lendrum | Hair by 501 Hair Lounge You know those days where, you just feel blah? I’ve been having a few of those days lately, and I have to say, it definitely sets the mood for the people around me. Given, I am quite the happy […]

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Winter face – Kosmea + LaMav

Oh winter! I hate you already! No but seriously…not only is it causing 1970’s foxy brown afro hair, but it’s also drying out my skin as the chill of the cold air blasts through my face while crossing the highway going to work every single day! Winter and I have a love/hate relationship, I love […]

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Perth Op Shops – my tick off list!

I use a couple of Perth Op Shop list guides on the internet, however a LOT of them are out-dated and I find myself looking at the front of something that isn’t in fact a Vinnies that was listed after I just took the half an hour drive! So I am in the process of […]

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