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Life’s a beach!

Kaftan (Temt) $39.95 | Rip Curl Bikini (Crystals Surf) $69.99 | Beaded Necklaces (Tree of Life) $25 each (All purchased from Rockingham Shopping Centre) 2014 – was it the year of the kaftan? Absolutely not, well not in my eyes, I always figured a kaftan was a way to cover all your jubbly bits whilst […]

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Hawaiian Nights: Piping Hot (#12daysofswimwear)

  PIPING HOT VENICE DREAMER BIKINI | Hair extensions by 501 Hair Lounge | Spray Tan by Sitting Pretty Salon There’s nothing better than an outside shower on sunset, but to make things even more special have an old man sit a mere 10 or so metres away from you and stare with a really […]

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Baby you’re a firework: Big W (#12daysofswimwear)

BIG W 2 PIECE | SPRAY TAN – SITTING PRETTY SALON WARNBRO Hey lovers and dreamers, 2015 is here and as I write this with blue and pink colour still fresh in my hair from shooting these photos, and not EVEN a hangover thanks to the coconut water I mixed with vodka and lime last night […]

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12 days of swimwear

Summer, are you serious? You come late to the party and expect us to just welcome you with open arms? Really though, you have taken your sweet time with arriving and maybe you would like to think of that as fashionably late. But I think it’s just plain rude! I do forgive you though because […]

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Lululemon – would you rather? #lazygirlsguidetofitness

Lululemon Crop Pants | Lorna Jane Petra Crop Top Sports Bra After years of saying “laloolamon” instead of Lu-Lu-Lemon, I caught up with the guys last week to discuss all things fitness! Luckily, I figured out how to pronounce the company name before I actually walked through the Enex100 doors. Before I get to the […]

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Getting that butt back into shape! #lazygirlsguidetofitness

Wearing Everlast sports bra | Kmart Tights I never thought i’d like my butt…but truth is, I really don’t mind it now! My design job requires me to sit on my butt all day every day…which is never good for it! How did I tone my butt? Here are my tips…

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Blogger Be Styled X Claremont Quarter

The last 2 years have been about changes for me, in myself and definitely in my wardrobe! After speaking to Des Eddy, a stylist I met a few years ago, he made me realise just how much I have changed and kept mentioning that it was an evolution (haha). From tutu skirts and t-shirts with […]

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The day I ate my way through my pantry – #lazygirlsguidetofitness

The day I threw out all the chocolate, chips and biscuits out of my pantry….OK…hold up…WAIT A SECOND HERE! There are starving children in the world, as if I threw it all out. Let me start this again…

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Totally Twisted

Wearing Totally Twisted Maxi from St Frock $59 | Hair by 501 Hair Lounge The other day when I put this dress on was the first day of the realisation that I had in fact…lost my boobs! Yeah…they’ve gone missing and I am willing to send out a search party and put up a reward if […]

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Progress – 1 year on – #lazygirlsguidetofitness

Wearing: Cotton On Body Bikini | Body Fashion Metallic Tattoos Almost a year ago I kicked off a complete change in life…no it wasn’t the lemon detox diet, an unhealthy replacement diet, or fad diet. Who the hell wants to suck back on a lemon for a week?? Or starve yourself?? C’mon guy, I love food way […]

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