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Stay healthy; laugh more!

Photos by Little Miss Mon Bon Happiness…say that out loud and slowly “Hap…Pee….Nis” it makes me laugh every time because I just made you say penis!!! That’s what this post is all about – laughter, being happy and shaking off the shit!

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My top tips on a “Vegetarian Transition” with You Plate it.

Pictured: 2 meals from our You Plate it Collaboration I made the promise to myself to start the process of becoming a vegetarian, I guess a lot of things have made me make this decision but mostly it was realising just how easy it is to cut meat out and bring vegetables to the forefront […]

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Healthy Chai Spice Coffee Recipe

It’s not hard to notice that I am a bit of a coffee snob, what I mean by that is I generally only drink coffee from cute looking cafe’s and they have to serve at least 2 types of milks AND kitsch cups to keep me happy. If I HAVE to drink a McCafe coffee, […]

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Waking up early with BAYSE

  Wearing: BAYSE Kaleidescope Leggings &┬áRacerback Top Photos by Little Miss Mon Bon The benefits of waking up early are endless! Maybe not endless…but I’m going to run through what I love about those early wake up calls because yes, I AM that girl who is singing at the top of her lungs while making […]

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Banana bread chia pudding

Chia seeds…you either love em or hate em. Me? I love them! Maybe it’s the texture and the fact that they kind of remind me of bubble tea. You may have different idea on them…some people think they look like frog eggs when they expand – be that as it may, they’re a GREAT source […]

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Old school fitness playlist //Active Creatures//

Wearing: Active Creatures | Photos by Little Miss Mon Bon It’s been a while since I posted one of my workout playlists, but I guess for me I go in these crazy circles with my music. One minute I am listening to Bob Marley, the next I am hitting back to the 90’s with Faith […]

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Healthy Banana Bites

I always feel like banana is the most indulgent fruit, because of course when you add chocolate and peanut butter it just BETTERS the situation. This little snack is something that I throw together and freeze for late night indulging after dinner.

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Tips for styling natural curls

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Healthy Vanilla Spice Milk recipe //The benefits of nut milk//

Recipe using: Breville “BOSS” blender | Target Milk Bottles A spin off from my post on ANZAC BISCUITS (See recipe here)┬ácame the actual milk that I made, a delicious almond milk is always welcomed into my tea’s and coffee and always adds an extra creaminess. But with needing to drink almond milk quite quickly (because […]

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Keep it real //What makes you happy?//

Wearing Running Bare | Photos by Little Miss Mon Bon An old friend of mine lost her Dad recently in an accident, when things like this happen you kind of just get jolted back into reality. Life isn’t as safe as we all think, “It will never happen to me” always pops up in my […]

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