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How to nail the Sportsluxe Trend!

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival is behind us again for another year, and one trend that was…well…”trending” last week on the streets was Sportsluxe…

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Bicycle Attire; making fitness fun

When people say “It’s easy, it’s just like riding a bike, you never forget” they did not consider me in their little analogy…

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What’s a “Staycation?”

I have to put my hands up and surrender my recent dislike for the commute from Rockingham to Perth every single day, sometimes on a weekend it happens 3 or 4 times.

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Lunch Ladies Lunch Money!

My Mum tried to reinvent lunches for us many times, I think it was down to the fact that she couldn’t afford to buy us lunch like all the other kids in school so she tried to make her own cheesies and pizza for us to eat in the playground instead.

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In bed with Hunter-Rose; sleepwear for “normal people”

Question: Do I wear pyjama’s to bed? Answer: No!

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Raw Salted Caramel Slice Recipe

Truth be told, I really don’t like caramel slice. It’s too sweet, full of stuff I don’t usually eat and just way down on my list of “treats”, however I decided to give this one a go because it’s the “better option” but still a treat in itself. I reworked a previous recipe to suit […]

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9 Secrets of Perth

You know that friend you constantly have to defend because they are a “little bit different”. So what if they dress in bright colours and clash their patterns, or laugh super loud, or maybe they are one of those “creatives” who is just seen as being plain weird (I get this a lot haha) this […]

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Fit Club Perth…with friends; #JOINTHECLUB

FIT CLUB PERTH collaboration Lorna Jane | SC Artistry | Ryan Ammon Photography | Game of Braids Fit Club Perth Website | Facebook | Instagram @fitclubperth  What’s the hardest part about getting fit? MOTIVATION! It’s said that it’s something that is always lacking in majority of people when they decide to get fitter. And you know what? It happens to […]

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Lululemon Ballerina – Xtend with Friends!

Lululemon Sweaty or not Crop Top | Lululemon Fluffin Awesome Vest | Lululemon Tights (Similar here) Amongst the many things I wanted to be when I grew up, for a good 10 or so years “Ballerina” was at least top 3! Granted my baby giraffe legs may have stunted me from getting very far because even though growing up […]

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What’s up?

Phew! What a month! July has been…well…look, it’s been bloody heckers that’s what it’s been! SO many things have happened in this time and I feel like it took a lot of stamina to keep going at some points. Highs and lows really can knock you around and this weather sure as hell does not […]

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