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Breakfast Porridge Squares

Porridge is more known as a winter breakfast? To make your belly warm on those chilly mornings…

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Healthy Peanut Butter Squares

It’s like I only just discovered Peanut Butter lately….

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Raw Salted Caramel Slice Recipe

Truth be told, I really don’t like caramel slice. It’s too sweet, full of stuff I don’t usually eat and just way down on my list of “treats”, however I decided to give this one a go because it’s the “better option” but still a treat in itself. I reworked a previous recipe to suit […]

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My top tips on a “Vegetarian Transition” with You Plate it.

Pictured: 2 meals from our You Plate it Collaboration I made the promise to myself to start the process of becoming a vegetarian, I guess a lot of things have made me make this decision but mostly it was realising just how easy it is to cut meat out and bring vegetables to the forefront […]

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