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Hawaiian Nights: Piping Hot (#12daysofswimwear)

  PIPING HOT VENICE DREAMER BIKINI | Hair extensions by 501 Hair Lounge | Spray Tan by Sitting Pretty Salon There’s nothing better than an outside shower on sunset, but to make things even more special have an old man sit a mere 10 or so metres away from you and stare with a really […]

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Fade to Black: Sheridyn Swim (#12daysofswimwear)

SHERIDYN SWIM QUAD BIKINI | TREE OF LIFE SILVER BELLYCHAIN Sitting Pretty Tan | 501 Hair Lounge Hair When life hands you lemons, cut that lemon open, squirt it in life’s eyes and demand something better! When life hands you a bangin’ bikini though, high 5 life right in the face and go swimming! It’s really no secret […]

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Lululemon – would you rather? #lazygirlsguidetofitness

Lululemon Crop Pants | Lorna Jane Petra Crop Top Sports Bra After years of saying “laloolamon” instead of Lu-Lu-Lemon, I caught up with the guys last week to discuss all things fitness! Luckily, I figured out how to pronounce the company name before I actually walked through the Enex100 doors. Before I get to the […]

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Progress – 1 year on – #lazygirlsguidetofitness

Wearing: Cotton On Body Bikini | Body Fashion Metallic Tattoos Almost a year ago I kicked off a complete change in life…no it wasn’t the lemon detox diet, an unhealthy replacement diet, or fad diet. Who the hell wants to suck back on a lemon for a week?? Or starve yourself?? C’mon guy, I love food way […]

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Superfoods and seeds: The Lazy Girls Guide to Fitness

Hmm…superfoods, how did we only start hearing about them in the last couple of years? I, of course thought it was a load of crap until I started actually eating certain superfoods more and more. Seeds especially because, well, I love seeds! (Maybe I was a Macaw in a previous life – I know people […]

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