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The amazing SWAP IT DON’T STOP IT campaign that ran through all media avenues a few years ago really sent out a great message, and it was one that stuck with me to use, years later! I don’t want to give up chocolate, that is my happy food, and who am I to deny my body of these…cravings?! I kept telling myself, if I crave it, my body needs it. Sort of true yes, but can I find an alternative instead? To be honest, the extra fat around my butt, shortness of breath and unhealthiness which caused so many problems and unnecessary doctor appointments and tests was a big enough reason to kick my ass a little. (I repeat, a little!)

I don’t want to live on celery sticks, tofu and bloody sugarless coffee, gross! C’mon, who the hell made up these rules? Isn’t it all about living in the moment, enjoying your life and dare I say it, screaming at the top of your lungs as you down that chocolate fountain…YOLO!?

I want to give you MY options (Not a nutritionist or fitness expert because that I am not) for swapping the foods you love, and let me please just make it quite obvious here, I still LOVE to smash a crunchie and hammer down a hamburger with extra aioli and a side of fries every now and then. Indulging is STILL in my life, it’s just maybe there once every 3 weeks, rather than once every 2nd day.

Ice Cream – Coconut Ice Cream Love an ice cream, a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with ice magic dripping all over it. STOP! Why not try something new? There is a new ice cream on the market, it’s a dairy free / soy free coconut ice cream! It’s delicious (Coco Luscious – buy it in IGA), and it really kills that craving. You can even melt down some cacao powder with coconut oil and honey and drizzle it over top – it hardens like ice magic! I am also going to be showing you how to make your OWN coconut ice cream very easily in the coming weeks.

Milk Chocolate – Cacao OBVIOUSLY it’s not exactly the same but if you at least swap your dairy milk with 75% dark chocolate then you’re doing well. And eat just a couple of squares – not an entire block. I’ll also be giving you some cacao recipes that I have been playing with too. It’s not the same, I know, but what if I told you that you can add a milky texture to your cacao giving it a similar look and feel to Cadbury?

Lasagna Béchamel – Ricotta Cheese Lasagna, oh sweet baby cheeses! It’s delicious right? Swap the bechemal full fat white sauce with ricotta cheese and 2 eggs, my Mum made all our lasagna’s this way – it’s the perfect alternative! Go one step further and replace that cheddar/tasty cheese with some feta instead to sprinkle on top.

Full cream milk – Almond/Soy Milk I know it’s not EVERYONE’s choice…but I have learnt to love all other milks aside from cows milk when I am using a lot of it (smoothies etc.). A quick tip, is to start small and put a dash of almond or soy milk in your cows milk, sooner or later in a few weeks you will be replacing the whole lot. It works – I did it!

Yoghurt – Greek Yoghurt OK Yoghurt has come a long way, they now have apple strudel flavoured with a million gallons of sugar to make it taste good. The BEST thing you can do is to get natural greek yoghurt and add your own honey, or stewed apples, or raspberries. You know what’s going in it then and it’s a natural sugar.

White/Raw sugar – Coconut Sugar You quite literally, cannot taste the difference. Try it!

Butter – Avocado Not everybody loves an avo, I forced myself to love it now I eat it every single day! It’s a GOOD fat and will help you to kick out all the butters and margarines. I slather it on vegemite on toast in the morning (Thanks to a work mate who made me fall in love with this combo!)

Just a few little tips to get you on the track of slothing your way to the top, I hope they help, I’ll be popping more up in coming weeks! In the mean time have a look HERE for more information/recipes on The Lazy Girls Guide to Fitness!

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