Superfoods and seeds: The Lazy Girls Guide to Fitness





Hmm…superfoods, how did we only start hearing about them in the last couple of years? I, of course thought it was a load of crap until I started actually eating certain superfoods more and more. Seeds especially because, well, I love seeds! (Maybe I was a Macaw in a previous life – I know people would say I am as loud as one!!)

Alright, so I know what you’re saying, the Lazy Girls Guide to Fitness is NOT about the hard yards and the expensive superfoods BUT, friends, sometimes a girl just has to admit to some dirty little secrets, and my secret is smashing out the super foods!!! At the end of the day, if you don’t REALLY want to taste them, you can always hide them in foods.

However, the TEFF Seed is one that I am totally head over heels for, I want to be able to taste these seedy little suckers! The benefits of TEFF are quite large, they are high in protein, calcium, iron,  vitamin C AND they’re gluten free. They have a yummy nutty flavour, and are crunchy so they’re very similar to a poppy seed.

But how do you use them? Well as above, you can add them to your yoghurt and fruits, salads and smoothies, porridge and stews, I also sprinkle them on top of avocado on toast. You can also boil them to be a rice substitute, and if you get the TEFF Flour you can also make a beautiful gluten free bread and flat bread.

The Giving Tree fine foods sent me over these babies to trial out, and I have to say, I may even like them more than chia seeds…if you pop over to their website they have a whole range of distributors and RECIPES

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