SUP Fit-Mas Gift Pack

The serenity is amazing out here…the peace and quiet, calm and glass like water, jellyfish gliding alongside, and the whiting flitting about reflecting silver through the water…and that air, warm but beautiful.










…and then I crank the UE Boom2 and all of a sudden the peace is broken by Missy Elliot singing about losing control. I love my peace and quiet but majority of the time I prefer to paddle to the sound of music which for me, makes it more challenging. I always see people out on the calm water cherishing those quiet moments, but old Adelle here with no kids and a crazy lifestyle prefers to twerk on a SUP board and challenge that balance stance even more!

Over the next couple of weeks I am showcasing a range of products that are perfect for the fitness fanatic in your life (See here for details). It’s generally pretty easy to purchase some work out gear or sneakers however at the same time, thinking about what it is that someone needs (that’s totally different) to keep their regime up is sometimes a challenge. And also…finding the best quality in something too if you are unsure. 

Cue ULTIMATE EARS which I have been slamming my workouts to left right and centre (literally, if you add The Jungle Body dance classes to the mix).

This tiny little speaker packs a massive punch of sound, comes in a range of awesome fun colours, is waterproof and Bluetooth so in other words, it’s easy to use (AKA: “Del Proof”). Hook up your iphone through Bluetooth, tack it on to your board, or just bring it with you to the park, get outdoors in this amazing weather, do your thing, and get sweaty with your favourite tunes.

Team that up with a day of SUP and swimwear and you basically have the best Fit-mas gift pack ever – see all the details below.

SUP Gift Pack

Stay tuned for more Fit-Mas gift ideas next week…


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