Struggle Town. Destination: 2 weeks ago.

With this weather change, things for me have been a little…struggling….

Fit Club Perth 2016 AW_1191

Fit Club Perth 2016 AW_1200c

Photos by Mario Recchia // Wearing Vie Activewear (gifted)

Just yesterday I got to my class, the speaker that’s set up every single week had been stolen, I was already running late and my playlist was all over the place! I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t well. I was over the week!

I am a sucker for punishment because I pack SO much in to my weeks that I end up burning out and needing time off because I get sick and my body suffers. It’s a cycle that I am used to, since I was a kid I would do so much that I ended up falling apart – nothing has changed!

I am now looking at my diary and realising just how crazy it is again, I continue to talk about balance to you guys because I think in the end it does make me stop and realise I need more and more balance as the weeks go by. So I wanted to give a little update because mostly…right now…so much has been going on that the blog has been suffering.

  1. I am off to Sydney with The Jungle Body crew in just 2 weeks time for our DVD showcase at Virgin Active Studios! If you are in the area, I would love to see you there!
  2. I have actually been organising a few of the bits and pieces with media and influencers from that weekend of events and that has maybe taken up some of my time over the blog.
  3. I am currently expanding and now have another TJB team member Madi who is training and getting ready to start a class in a couple of months with me!
  4. I am in speakings with an Agency right now which means I will be getting quite a lot of really cool projects to share with you all soon!
  5. I am working on another giveaway!!!
  6. I also have a really great weekend winter activewear wardrobe post to get up with Russell Active!
  7. I have an amazing event coming up with Lorna Jane this Saturday — get on it here. AND an even awesome event with Rebel Sport NEXT friday after work — get on it here.
  8. There’s a few little projects A’la Fit Club Perth coming up soon, along with our collaboration with the HBF Run for a reason (if you are in this one Sunday check out the big screens before you start for our stretching tips!!)

So, I have a few things happening over May/June HOWEVER I just want you all to understand, that we only make it hard for ourselves. I am admitting straight away that with all of the things I already have on…full time work, 2 jungle body classes a week, the blog, Fit Club Perth – I actually DO need to miss out on some opportunities.

FOMO is a terrible feeling…so I am going to delve into that in my next post. Til then, sit back, relax once in a while, and say no to a few things occasionally. Adelle – take note!

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