SAUSAGE STRETCHING 101 (Stretching benefits with Kamuka & dachshunds)

Being an athletic build and taking many hours upon the gym lifting small weights and working on my muscles after I lost a bit of weight a couple of years ago, I realised that I was becoming a lot less flexible. Not that I was very flexible before but, flexibility was really suffering!


Friends like Vick, Monique and Ashleigh kept banging on about the importance of stretching and it all finally made me realise that it was not just the exercises I was doing – it was also that I wasn’t stretching. Ever.

I have taken note, and in the same breath decided to bring Kamuka on board to show you a really great “Fitness Gift Pack” in this complete outfit and Yoga mat (which is great for anything really – perfect for stretching as it’s non slip and has extra grip).

Kamuka Water Crop Top | Kamuka Water Tights | Kamuka Palms Yoga Mat
Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea – Gift Voucher

So with thanks to these guys…I set my alarm at 9pm every night to do a 15 minute stretch, it helps me relax for bed as well as stretch out my muscles (so that I can one day touch my toes!!)

The below are a few stretches they have all taught me, 10 seconds for each (alternate sides), however, I had grand plans of amazing photo’s that I would cut out and make into a gif…but the dogs had another idea and so…I bring you…

(Disclaimer: Names are named up by me they are not official)


  1. Sausage Hip Flexor Extension


2. Downward Sausage Dog


3. Kiss the Dachshund


4. Side Sausage Stretch


5. Weiner Extend


6. Where did my sausage dog go provisional butt stretch


7. Smothered Sausage leg extend


8. Outer Thigh Bratwurst Butt Shake


9. The Balanced Dog


10. We’re finished!

OK, so the sausage names made this stretching caper sound ridiculously dirty, but if it made you smile, and encourages you to stretch, then I have done my job 🙂

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