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LORNA JANE: Angelina Vest | Asymetric Sports Bra | Caitlyn Harem Pant

Versatility is one of my motto’s, if you can use something 2 ways then hot damn I am there! For instance, a dress that you can wear front ways AND backwards – who the hell came up with that idea? A genius that’s who! So I take it on with Lorna Jane for #FitFashionWeek, wearing active wear to go out with.

Editorially speaking…not every one of my readers is going to rush out and buy this ensemble to wear together, truth be told you might just like the pants separately, can see yourself using the vest or this sports bra (coz it’s rad) might be high priority on the list. Together it’s a little street style, but separately they are all amazing in their own right.

These pants can be worn around the house on a Sunday morning, to yoga, on a cold day when working out AND throw some heels on and you have yourself a pretty comfortable outfit. Wearing tracky dacks out is sorta…kinda a little bit cheeky – that’s why I love it so much!

The vest I have worn working out, but also with some jeans, shorts, undone and fully zipped up – if there was anything more versatile than a vest then I’ll take a slap to the face! Lastly, the sports bra is kind of a big deal, looks amazing underneath singlets when working out and when going out, strappy exposed bra’s are what all the kids are wearing right now (see I’m hip and cool) crap that makes me sound way beyond my years.

Lorna Jane really do stock for a lot of occasions, not just for working out in! Have you been in store lately? I suggest you sceedaddle then….the new Feb drop is AH-MAZING!

*Sponsored by Lorna Jane*

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