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I feel a bit like I am undercover in these fresh new 501 Hair Lounge locks, simply put, nobody recognises me at all! I feel like I have to explain WHO I am before people realise it’s me, I am getting used to it but I think considering I have decided these extensions are so totally radness that I am keeping them for as long as 501 will have me, and I’ll be recognised as a long haired blonde again not a short haired blonde!!!

I thought it was a great time to really delve into tape hair extensions, especially the care you need to give them because I for one was a virgin on all things hair extensions but 501 Hair Lounge has been helping me out big time on tips and tricks to keep them amazing. We have put together a list of things to do to keep your locks looking fresh and beautiful at all times.




Split ends are pretty hard to prevent since it is human hair, washing and conditioning with the right after care will help, less use of heat styling tools etc, and having the hair trimmed on a regular basis. Things like hardened proteins and sulphates in shampoos are a massive no no when it comes to hair extensions, in other words, the MORE ORGANIC the better, and what comes with organic? Cruelty free! Basically, treat your hair like it’s really yours!

  • Hate those short haired bits at the nape of your neck? Twist the hair and bobby pin up.
  •  If you want the natural wave look (AKA: Mermaid Hair) after washing your hair at night while still damp plait in a very tight plait and spray with a sea salt spray and wait until morning; remove, tussle and add more sea salt spray (straighten your natural hair at the top if required)
  • Use a hydrating treatment 1-2 times a week to keep the hair hydrated – chat to 501 Hair Lounge for all kinds of beautiful treatments. I have even used a little bit of coconut oil at the ends, left in for an hour then washed normally. But ONLY on the ends.


  • Use only sulphate and paraben free shampoos and conditions on hair extensions – I repeat, ORGANIC, NATURAL and CRUELTY FREE!!!
  • Use an serum/ oil on hair at least once a day and before straightening or blow drying.
  • Summer tip – always use a treatment before and after swimming, and make sure all chlorine or salt is washed out of the hair.
  • I try not to wash my hair as much, I usually always last 5 days anyway but if you can stretch it out between washes for as long as you can, not washing as much will not only let your natural oils do it’s job, it will also mean less wet tapes, they may even last longer!


These few tips will really help you to keep your extensions feeling great at all times, the girls at 501 Hair Lounge are located at 7 Blake Street, North Perth and open Tuesday – Saturday, if you have EVER wanted Hair Extensions, now is the time to give them a go. For me, my spring/summer tip is the longer the better – bring on the summer and the locks.

2 thoughts on “Spring hair – yeah yeah!!

  1. Bec

    Your hair extensions look fantastic! And so natural. It’s amazing how much they have changed your look, so I can understand people not recognizing you at first. You look fab 🙂


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