The newest trend in tea – sparkling tea! (Recipe’s included)




In collaboration with SodaStream Play & Tea Tonic Teas

SodaStream brings back so many 1980’s memories for me. As kids, my brother and sister would be so excited when we went to my grandparents’ house for a family get together because they had a “Fart sounding machine” SodaStream Machine for us to use whenever we wanted. It was a HUGE treat because soda was something that wasn’t really in our house at all. The glass bottles would be lined up in the fridge, tap water filled 3/4’s of the way. All we had to do was fizz and pour in the syrup, then skull it back before Mum and Dad caught us.

LUCKILY, SodaStream can fit into my lifestyle now and the healthy alternatives are endless! If you’re not familiar, SodaStream turns tap water into sparkling water in seconds with the push of a button. Simply fill a SodaStream PET bottle with chilled tap water, insert into the Drinks Maker and carbonate. SodaStream also allows you to mix, match, create and control your own flavour combinations, which means for ME…no sugar and more of a “hint” of flavour which is what I prefer. Ever thought about using tea? Water with a squeeze of lemon? Cold dripped coffee even? Chai?! The possibilities really are amazing with so many flavours that suit different diets and nutritional habits (eg: me with my “What exactly is in this” question that I ask everybody), you will never run out of drinks because, well, it’s water!! TIP: Make sure you add your flavour AFTER you carbonate, there may have been a fizzy explosion in our household when ones husband didn’t follow the rules.

I think for me the fact that it’s so much more environmentally friendly and avoids the salt found in pre-packaged mineral water and the sugar content found in other drinks, is where the idea of being able to create my own drinks is perfect. To show you just how easy it is, last weekend I indulged in a little Tea Tonic sparkling water (Tea Tonic is 100% Aussie owned and uses the highest grade ingredients including freshly picked herbs and fruits).

Tea Tonic “Fruity Tutti ” sparkling tea.

  • Carbonate cold water in your SodaStream bottle
  • Cold brew your Tea Tonic tea for about 15 minutes with the Tea Tonic glass bottle tea infuser as directed. If you don’t have a Tea Tonic glass infuser, simply put the loose leaf tea in a stainless steel infuser, pop into a tall glass and top with sparkling water.
  • Pour your sparkling tea into a glass.
  • Chop up some apple and add in raspberries and enjoy!


Freshly squeezed lemon/water sparkling water.

  • Carbonate cold water in your SodaStream bottle
  • Squeeze a quarter of lemon into the bottle of carbonated water.
  • Add chopped up lemon to a glass and top up with lemony fizz. And if you have one, why not add into the Tea Tonic glass infuser- it’s perfect to have on hand when you’re trying to drink more water!


At just $99 you will NEVER clutter up your fridge with a stack of drinks, just fizz when you need it with SodaStream Play. 

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