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Featured: Nike Roshe Run 15’s from GLUE STORE

The heels to sneaker ratio in my cupboard is pretty slim…I went out and bought 3 pairs of the exact same heels because they were comfortable, other than those identical pairs I have maybe on rotation 1 other pair. Sneakers though…it’s the only thing I hoard, and rightly so, why the hell wouldn’t you want to have comfortable feet? Most of us are on them all day…

My sneaker rotation goes without saying…every day after work and most weekends they’re on my feet. I recently purchased a few pairs of sneakers from Glue Store but more recently (last week) they sent me a pretty pair of neutral kicks to obsess over…(pictured above – purchase here)

You really can’t go wrong with a pair of Nikes…if I am not wearing them to the gym, they’re thrown on my feet for almost 80% of the time for a sports luxe look (I love how we have a style for basic comfort now!!) To be completely honest with you, the pair of Lunar Nikes I purchased at Glue Store last year I couldn’t find anywhere else. They stock some of my absolute faves and are always on point with keeping them up to date.

Head over to GLUE STORE to browse the latest drops!

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