In bed with Hunter-Rose; sleepwear for “normal people”


Question: Do I wear pyjama’s to bed?
Answer: No!








Hunter-Rose Olivia Set & Harlow Jumper
Photos by Little Miss Mon Bon

And thus should be the end to the blog post right?

Wrong! Because PJ’s are the epitome of relaxation and “relaxation” is something that I find really hard to do. Even though I don’t wear pyjama’s to bed, it’s not to say that I dedicate them to “day wear” around the house when I do get a day of dvd’s and *ahem* chocolate.

It’s my Mum’s fault, I grew up in a small fibro house next door to a deli, which meant we had a lot of traffic for a small town with a population of 2,000 (which included farms). Because the deli was open 7 days a week and NOTHING ELSE was in Merredin, a lot of people walked past our house for bread and milk. Especially on a lazy Sunday.

The front of our house was quite open, so it wasn’t uncommon for people that we knew to walk past and stop for a chat, whilst my Mum was in her pyjama’s watering the garden at 3pm…who hadn’t gotten OUT of her pyjama’s since well…6pm the night before. As a teenager, I was pretty embarrassed by this. But now, realising just how damn comfortable PJ’s are to wear throughout the day – I kind of feel bad for getting angry at my poor Mum who just pretty much knew what it was like to be in a complete state of relaxation!

Our recent staycation at The Alex Hotel meant sleeping in and soaking up Perth’s lovely sunrise on the Sunday morning, (hence these random roof top images) and I have to admit, I would wear these pants AND the jumper on separate occasions outside of the house too (or front garden if you’re my Mum).

Hunter-Rose is a cute (and affordable) online shop that is full of sleepwear pieces that will catch the eye of every girl wanting to feel beautiful when they go to bed (and hopefully wake up feeling the same). The point of Hunter-Rose is to make sleepwear that is ridiculously comfy, but stylish at the same time, I must admit I am sick of the cutesy frilly pink or sexy-as-hell red and black lace that they think is comfortable for a woman to walk around in. Hunter-Rose have made their pyjama’s to be right in between those 2 extremes.

In my opinion…when I now say “I am going to slip into something more comfortable” I mean I am dressing in Hunter-Rose and sitting on the couch with bed socks and a massive cup of tea the size of my head. (and maybe some nutella).

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