Namaste’ in bed? //Silverescent Technology with Lululemon//

You may think this post will be about Yoga?luluyoga6




It is a little…like how much I worked my tooshie off at this class with Yoga Alchemy which caused me to sweat more than I ever have at Yoga before! But it’s mostly to open your eyes to the new Lululemon technology that I have been pretty excited about since getting this top!

I read the technology about it but after lots of words I didn’t understand, I thought I would break it down for you – Del style!

Basically, when you exercise, you sweat right? This silverescent technology (eg: the top I am wearing) stops you from making that gross BO smell that you produce when working out. Which if you do it a lot, like when you go to KONGA and sweat like Niagara Falls, all of that gross smell you produce…stops right in it’s tracks!

I mean yes there is more to it, but you can read that here, all that I care about is the fact that I can wear this top up to 3 times and it doesn’t smell funky! Because sometimes I am a bit of a boy and I throw my clothes on the floor and maybe wear them again………don’t judge me guys!!

You can shop the entire Silverescent range HERE – it’s well worth it, I need to go back and get a tank top for summer now!!

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