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Rockingham Shopping Centre is taking November to the extreme and talking all things fit and healthy with the “Shape up for Summer” campaign! I am obviously on the bandwagon with the #lazygirlsguidetofitness and so, together we have come up with a few simple and easy sports to get that heart pumping and out and about to enjoy the month of November, the perfect time when the sun isn’t as scorching as it is in January (water sports engage!!).

Truth be told, sweat irks me, especially on other people, I am not one for going past a post without a fun fact story courtesy of the life of Del and tonight is no different. So, I used to play mixed netball a few years back, given that guys are WAY more annoying to play against in Netball because they all try to do their air jordan B’ball moves and always end up knocking me over. One time I slid across the court on my face…the guy didn’t apologise so I did my crazy short girl syndrome scream-rage at him, I may have swore…in his face, and he “threatened” me with telling the umpire for swearing. Because we are 13 year olds apparently. I was shivering in my size 8 nikes I swear! Anyway this same guy continued to play against me after I scared him a little with my mini rage…goes to max out on goals by jumping in the air, swipes his entire hairy underarm in my face. His underarms…they smelt like curry. It’s enough to put a girl off curry for at least 5 years – and it did! Needless to say, I gave up mixed netball shortly after, my gag reflex’s for sweat certainly got stronger from that day forward.

Back to the task at hand…head over to the events page HERE to keep up to date on all the FREE activities like Yoga, Health check ups and heaps of tips and tricks to staying healthy at Rockingham Shopping Centre. I’ll be posting weekly on some of my favourite threads with some great sports and activities plus a load of inspiration to keep you going! (Man beast sweat not included – promise)

Summer is so close I can smell it…and I want you guys to be out in that sun, soaking it up, and hey, you know who I am, I won’t tell you to do 4000 push ups in a minute, it’s all about doing it easily and having fun!!! Subscribe to the blog now to get these tips straight to your inbox too. Can’t wait to get you all inspired!!!

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