Setting goals (and actually ticking them off)

I have a confession to make, and it’s something that is probably not what you expect. I know you see a very happy girl, who is quite outgoing and very approachable. I am that girl still…but I also internalise a lot, don’t talk about how I am feeling and sometimes crawl into my shell and be quiet. That being said, I think a lot of the time it is to do with me feeling like I have no purpose in life.







It hit me a few months ago that maybe it is all to do with not having any goals? I mean I HAVE goals but they are quite big ones and I guess they are not actually specific goals. They are more along the lines of “Be successful” and “Go part time in my job so I can focus on my blog” – these are BIG goals and they take time to achieve in the grand scheme of things.

“Thinking small is the secret to BIG success”

I needed smaller goals to smash…so, I wanted to talk to you guys about this, because I feel like they are what can make me happier in my life, I feel a lot less pressured to ONLY achieve the large goals in life which are – well look, they are bloody hard! I know one day I will achieve them but for now…I want to focus on smaller things. SO, if you want to play along at home I am going to give you some ideas…

Grab a packet of post it notes right now, put them in your bag with a pen, and every time you think of something that you want to achieve, write it down, when you get home, stick it on an inspiration wall!

If you need inspiration FOR your goals, I am going to share with you just a handful of mine…(Guys, one of my goals was to finally go through an automatic car wash hahaha!!)

Touch my toes – it’s weird right? But I am so NOT flexible and it really debilitates what I want to get out of my fitness, so, the goal is to touch my toes. Stretching classes here I come!

Do something crazy – I have just booked in sky diving with Adrenaline! Yep! THAT crazy!!! (I’ll document this too!!)

Take one day a fortnight for myself – it’s a pretty easy goal to set, a 30 minute break in a coffee shop, an hour walk down the beach, a lie in the park, a solid couple of hours watching a movie – these are things I cherish.

Become a Konga Instructor – A new goal…BUT…I signed up, it’s happening!

Learn some latte’ art – It’s harder than it looks, so I will be booking in some time next year to learn – why? Just coz! Do you need a reason to do something all the time?

Use cash more – Picked up this tip yesterday, using cash at least you know where all your money is going – you can see it!

What are you waiting for? Tell me a goal in the comments below, and then get those post it notes and start writing down your mini goals!!

Wearing Lululemon Salty Swimsuit Rash Vest

10 thoughts on “Setting goals (and actually ticking them off)

  1. Gail pick

    My goal right now is seeing that my 2 beautiful daughters are walking through life today a little bit easier than yesterday. Love you both to the moon and back , so proud to be your mum and see you grow stronger each day Go get your dreams bit by bit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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