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You know that friend you constantly have to defend because they are a “little bit different”. So what if they dress in bright colours and clash their patterns, or laugh super loud, or maybe they are one of those “creatives” who is just seen as being plain weird (I get this a lot haha) this is what makes them awesome, intriguing, interesting and contrasting to “the norm”. I feel this way about Perth…because we do things a little different around here.

Why? Because we can!

There are so many exciting and alluring things about Perth that I get really amped about, so I wanted to give you my top 9 (because I like odd numbers) secret places that I either frequent OR have just found! In conjunction with the launch of Australian Outdoor Living’s free e-book, the concept of this blog post is to get out there to explore what our own city has to offer, be a tourist in your own backyard. I did, and it was such so much fun!

Take a look at the video I compiled of the 9 secrets of Perth below, then read a little more underneath…





1. Yocal Cafe – 18 Collie St, Fremantle
Wow. This little gem is simply that, a cute little cafe with miss mashed and recycled decor and a beautiful little sun filled outdoor area. I love this place because it’s so quaint, and the staff are so lovely which is always a bonus, they even offered me the best seat in the house which catches the morning sun. It was the perfect start to my day.

2. Claremont Jetty – 2c Fraser Rd, Applecross
I have been to this spot a few times for photo shoots, but never to sit and watch the world go by. This little hidden jetty may be a regular for some, but for others who don’t venture into the other streets, it’s a really beautiful place. I was lucky enough to see some dolphins swimming by too – 10am and already my day was complete just by seeing that!

3. Green Room – 223 Stirling Hwy, Claremont
I can’t afford designer. Well, I can. But I am a little bit of a Scrooge McDuck. The Green Room offers designer pieces on consignment, they are second hand but beautifully kept and absolutely something I can afford! The best thing about this place is the service, not to mention being able to run in and grab a dress for that event really quickly.

4. Hamersley Pools – Cnr Hamersley Rd & W Coast Dr North Beach
One of my favourite beaches on the North Side, we used to frequent here when we lived in Ballajura. It’s a secluded little cove with rocks and the bluest water you will ever see. It’s never too choppy, and I even found myself swimming with some sea ducks a few years ago. A great place to take a picnic and just watch the sun set.

5. The waterfall in the city – John Oldham Park – Mts Bay Rd
Wow. I was not expecting this one. A waterfall in the city? Yep you heard me! Maybe you have seen it before, but for someone just walking through the park and stumbling across it, I literally squealed a bit. This diamond in the rough was much appreciated and I sat for at least 15 minutes just mesmerised by the water.

6. The big slide in the city! – John Oldham Park – Mts Bay Rd
I had heard about it. I had even been here as a kid. But I could never find it. This day, I did, and I sure as heck appreciated the kids getting off it after what felt like 2 hours WAITING…so that I could film my first slide. You are never too old to slide guys, never!

7. Kate & Abel Cafe – MANY 6160, 2 Newman Ct Fremantle
The MANY 6160 building is a regular talking point for me, local businesses coming together to sell their things. However did you know that Kate & Abel have a little cafe inside the MANY building AND they also produce some of the most amazing Soy Latte’s I have ever tasted? It’s my favourite place to grab a coffee and chat to the guys about what they have coming up – I really enjoy my time there, they are all so friendly!

8. Prince Lane – Perth CBD
The city is full of laneways, it’s a bloggers dream! I found Prince Lane only recently on my way to Xtend Barre, it’s a cute old laneway with stacks of amazing artwork. It’s not the most perfect laneway in the city but I like it because not many people are down there, you can get lost just staring at the art, and if you go at night time the sky is lit up with fairy lights.

9. Point Peron – Point Peron Rd
Oh lovely Point Peron, it’s always a pleasure! Riding up the road and coming to my sanctuary! I run around this area when I am feeling lazy and can’t be bothered with the gym, the views are beyond spectacular the sunsets are breath taking. You can spend the entire day here, the reef is amazing for snorkelling, the beaches are long and beautiful and the lookout gives you the best views in Rockingham. Yes. It’s the best!

I had such a great day organising this blog post for you guys, WA is such an amazing place to live, with wide open spaces still on offer, beautiful beaches, quirky cafes, thousands of events and plenty to do – you’d be crazy not to be happy here.

If you are one of my over east/overseas readers and looking to visit Perth, you can find more information by reading this free download of the Ultimate guide to Western Australia E-book HERE, or if you are like me and love being a tourist in your own town, this read has events, information about your home and selling, it also offers up tips for your garden! Check it out and enjoy the video of my mini adventure.

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