Staying balanced by saying no. (And not feeling guilty about it)

The truth hurts, and it took me a long time to realise that my life was by no means balanced like I said it was. Behind closed doors…I was saying yes to every project, job, plan, offer coming at me!


But there comes a time that something’s gotta give, and like the balanced Libran I am not, it sure as heck does not come easy to me, being a fiery, crazy, wild Leo who likes to be everywhere, see everything, do all the things and has a ridiculous amount of FOMO syndrome…I really had to dig deep to even out my life.

It was easier than I thought though, it was a mindset change, just like changing my eating habits a couple of years ago, you have to WANT to change it, not change it because someone told you so.

Balance comes in 3 things for me – No, Engagement and Diet…I like to call this NED!







Wearing BONDS SPORT RANGE //Photos by Inspiring Wit//

I read a book a year ago called “Yes Man!” they even made a Jim Carey movie about it, but mostly it talked about how saying YES can give you a multitude of opportunities. And as much as I totally love this and am all for it – saying yes can be a burden too. You see the thing is, saying no can be just as liberating AND it makes room for the BETTER YES’S in life. Pick and choose, what will benefit you in the long run? What will help someone in a good way? What will make you or maybe someone else feel great? They say to pick your battles – pick your yes’s too.

Firstly, get a diary if you don’t have one, once you have one, actually plan things in, make sure you get in “Me time” once a week, and plan to catch up and be real with a friend or family member once a week, and don’t forget to take time for exercise too, book 3 days a week for 20 minutes and move. Exercise helps to decrease your stress levels.

Eat well and live an 80/20 diet, that means 80% of the time eat nourishing foods to get you through your day and 20% of the time have a treat. I always make sure that I live by this rule simply because what you put into your body has a massive effect on how you feel – if you are eating well, your body stresses less. Also, assess your situation, for me, I don’t eat meat so I tend to up my protein levels with food as much as I can, however I also need to add it in through protein powders.

Just small tools to get you going, never feel bad for balancing your life out, you are the most important person in your life after all 🙂


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