Relieving PMS the healthy way. Period.

I seem to be talking about the taboo topics lately, camel toe the other day and now PMS? Pre Menstrual Tension?! Who am I? Regardless of what we call it…Aunty Flow!! Crimson Wave? Raspberry Surprise?! Every girl goes through it…and Jesus Christ it SUCKS! Ugh!


Honestly, I was handed the big old “hit ya across the face with a massive cement block” pain from the ages of 16 – 31, and I mean, it got to a point where I felt like my insides were being ripped out of my lady parts for 4 days straight and then a coupel days either side I felt like a big old hunk of crap, not to mention the constant razor blade dragging feeling down my legs causing me to not be able to walk properly. The wanting to spew was a bonus, the loss of energy and need to cry, and the stomach cramps that had me curled over in a ball in the middle of IKEA whimpering about how much I hated being a girl. Throbbing ovaries had my entire body in a frenzy, so much so that the Doctors think that one of them was completely eaten away by scar tissue damage.

Yep, that’s right, apparently one of my ovaries was basically eating itself. Good job body! Add that to my 1 kidney and half a uterus and I really am a “Freak”.






Wearing Bonds Sport Crop & Leggings (Coming soon to the Bonds Website) | Photos by Little Miss Mon Bon

I decided that perhaps my stupid lifestyle were one of the reasons for me having a week of hell every month (and when I was younger 3 weeks of hell, yes, 3 flipping weeks). Exercise, eating well, balancing life, it all seemed to play a huge part in how I overcame such an awful period.

I obviously still frequent the old PMS, not like clockwork, hence why I call it raspberry surprise because let’s face it, there’s a reason I carry around extra underwear in my bag…that being said it’s a lot less painful because I changed my lifestyle. Everybody goes through different things though so I have put together a list of things you can try to help the dreaded demon week…

And yes, I am writing this while I am totally on my rags…urgh….give me strength…


  • First and foremost I thought I would mention the use of essential oils and heat packs, it’s an obvious but The Beauty Bus sells some amazing products one of which is called “Calm the Beast” (convenient) and it’s been helping me for a while now. Kirsty has currently only got a few products on the website so far but keep an eye out for new additions, see her shop HERE. Ask her about Calm the Beast – it’s the best!!!


  • Broccoli helps with those fibre issues.
  • Quinoa and Popcorn helps with that short temper (apparently).
  • Salmon is a great source of omega 3 which helps with “the blues” but alcohol does the opposite, it makes you feel worse mentally, sorry girls!
  • Banana’s help with sleeping patterns and
  • Kale will help with those disgusting pimples that pop up.


  • A 20-30 minute walk does wonders, opens up your mind, makes you refreshed and isn’t too hard to do.
  • Swimming relieves cramps, if it’s during winter, find your local heated pool!
  • Crazy but ab workouts are really good for PMS! I tend to do more ab work when I am on it, and it always seems to help!
  • YOGA is such a great form of exercise for that time of the month too, stretching and ‘zen-ness’ helps massively for your state of mind.


  • Laugh more! Go and see your girlfriends, watch a comedy, spend time with people who make you laugh! It helps with those really awful mental health feelings you feel around that time. You know, like when you drop food on your white shirt and you basically cry a river of doom because now your shirt is stained. Your problems seem WAY WORSE when you are on your period.
  • Acupuncture, this is a great addition if you REALLY suffer with your period! It elevates endorphins and brightens your mood. Lord knows we need as much mood brightening as possible.
  • Add an extra hour to your sleep, extra sleep means a happier you at the end of the day! And you don’t yell at your co-workers for clicking their pen for 10 minutes constantly.
  • Buy yourself something special, I always treat myself at least once a month on either a new piece of clothing, or a brunch or whatever makes me happy, retail therapy helps! No really…it does…if controlled (haha). Hide your Credit Card though. Don’t go cray cray!

I hope this helps with a few different ideas to try next time your on your uggghhhhhh “cycle”. Got a tip? Pop it below in the comments!

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